DA62X Improvement Mod (SU5, v0.5.0.1,Sep 04)

Which is a shame because I really liked the direction they were going with it. However, it’s not like the code doesn’t still exist, so as we start seeing the WT stuff become the “standard” issue in the sim, those features will come back, and this time won’t be abandoned again.

Hi, loving this plane so far. However, not sure I have it correctly installed. I have added all three to my community folder but I think something is missing by the looks of my display. Can anyone suggest what might be wrong? Take a look at the picture.

Diamond 1|406x500

You need the G1000 Mod of WorkingTitle to get full functionality. Regarding the DA62X Mod, you don’t need the G3000 mod.

The link in the description of the DA62X Mod on flightsim.to points to the general “releases” page of WT. Currently, their G3000 mod is on top, I guess this confused you.

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Thank you! Yes it was a bit confusing. I downloaded the G1000 and added it to my folder. Looks much better. :grinning:

Many Thanks!

Is it normal for the DA-62 to always start up at 50% throttle?

Might be connected to this issue:

Yes I have addons.
I did a test with no HOTAS connected and had no issue;
0% load
600 RPM
Then did the same test with HOTAS connected with no issue;
0% load
600 RPM
In both tests I left the mods in the community folder, but they didn’t impact on this test.
Because it’s intermittent I’ll look next for mapping conflicts.
Further testing; issue occurs when I ‘esc’ then ‘resume’ to game…will do further testing to isolate.

Final testing with/without mods or HOTAS enabled made no difference. Pressing ‘esc’ and then resuming will bring on this 50% throttle issue most of the time but not all the time.
It’s a matter of moving the throttle a bit forward then dropping it removes the issue. Not a major annoyance but certainly would like to see a fix.
As a quick fix until this bug gets fixed, map ‘cut throttle’ to your HOTAS.

Using ILS in the DA62, I’ve read some pilots don’t enable ILS till final approach fix, others enable it at the initial approach fix or transition. When are you supposed to capture ILS?
Also, since the DA62 doesn’t have auto-throttle capability, how exactly does the pilot know what speed to be flying at to maintain a glide slope the plane is attempting to fly?
Does the pilot try to keep the plane descending with the flight director?

I do both, sometimes use AP for ILS approaches and manually following the ILS bugs.
Throttle is something you need to adjust a lot, whether it’s AP driven or manual, doesn’t matter. My instructors always told me to aim with the pitch, keep it constant during the approach and use the throttle to set/keep the proper approach speed.

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I’m thinking there is too much throttle interaction needed by the pilot to make ILS accurate in a plane without auto throttle. I’m wondering if you can fly manually following the ILS flight director until you have visual of the runway.

  1. We don’t know what you consider to be “too much throttle interaction”. I don’t mean this in any insulting way. I am simply saying that we don’t know what you mean by that.
  2. On approach you will move the throttle and the yoke a lot, especially on a precision approach.
  3. You don’t have to keep the speed pinned with sub-knot precision on the approach speed. You don’t need to keep the glidepath needle pinned to centre either. You have a bit of leeway.
  4. Auto throttle systems are quite rare in the aviation world. Even some commercial planes lack them. Flying ILS approaches without auto throttle is pretty standard.
  5. Keep practicing.

you know that the majority of planes dont have auto-throttles IRL?

ILS was invented in the 1940s, I’m pretty sure they didn’t have autothrottle yet. :smiley:

how crazy do you have to be to shoot an ILS wiithout AT??!!!

As a pilot flying IFR, or even VFR, on your landing approach you should be on a stable approach speed recommend in the POH. Your height above ground, (glide angle) flap setting throttle, prop pitch etc. all should be set, with a minimum of adjustments. Throttle will control your decent rate, the airspeed remains static if you are trimmed for a specific approach airspeed.

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yea we had AT retrofitted on our 172 to shoot cat III ILSs


I was under the impression ILS was developed as an aid to low ceiling approaches where the runway is not visible at distance. In this scenario wouldn’t both throttle control and pitch have to work precisely together with no room for error by either?
In an environment where obtaining visual of the runway at distance isn’t a problem why would you use ILS, wouldn’t an approach setup taking you to final approach fix do just fine?

I recommend reading the Wikipedia article on “Instrument landing system”.

In general, what ILS does is to give feedback to the pilot (and/or autopilot) as to whether you’re headed at the right angle or need to move in a particular direction to achieve the right angle. That tells you what pitch you should be at.

Knowing what speed/throttle setting to go at is a matter of knowing the target pitch and your specific aircraft. You will find tables of the proper speeds and power settings for various circumstances, such as landing, in the operator’s manual.

If you just want to wing it without checking the manual, then you try for a reasonable speed, and if you’re going too fast/slow you adjust based on whether you’re pitching too far up or down.

Looks like an interesting read…thanks!