DA62X Improvement Mod (SU7, v0.6, Nov 03)

Usually if you turn off the electrics it finishes the flight. Always works for me.

I might have done something in the wrong order, then. Not sure. Will take a look now.

Okay now it seems to have broken itself somehow. Have no engine indications, says “check incompatible list” and “check FAQ” on the PFD. Did both of those things, don’t have anything incompatible installed. Made sure to update the mod and the WT G1000 to the latest version just to make sure. Any idea what’s causing that?

I’ll take a look on the weekend.


I took a quick look at the SDK documentation, and it has not been updated.

Things i see needing to be looked at:

Flaps and control surfaces: If the stock planes have the changes then i can take a look, otherwise ill have to wait for the SDK documentation.

Icing: Depends if they also nerfed the Anti-ice. If icing builds up 15x slower, but the anti ice is just as good, ill need to rewrite the code to make it work with such low duty cycles.

Induced Drag: i assume this was just changed for each plane induvidually and not to the whole sim

Propdrag: good!!


I got a little bored today…


I do love the over all changes, but for some reason, the wing light doesn’t turn on for me. I haven’t had the chance to check the anti-icing. Just wondering if there’s something I’m missing.

I’ve found this happens from time to time with default and modded aircraft alike, particularly at airfields without ground control/ATC. I can’t confirm this but it’s as if the sim doesn’t recognise that you are in a parking spot or at the gate.

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Yes, if you stop outside AD boundaries it won’t quit after complete shutdown (and then the log will contain "vicinity of… " arrival place

any other lighting based mods installed?

When adding MrTommymxr DA62 0.4.01 mod, I’m assuming it only adds features not already active in the default plane as well as replacing certain existing features in order to upgrade them?
So does the sim load the default plane first then overwrites areas of the default with whatever is written in the mod?

I’m not a modder, but this is how I understand it: the sim reads the layout.json files for the mod and the default aircraft. For the default aircraft, the file contains a list of all the files that make up the aircraft. For the mod, the file contains a list only of the files that the mod wants to “override”.

So it’s not so much the sim loading one thing and then overwriting it with another thing, but more the sim combining the file lists and then loading the modified “components” of the aircraft from the Community folder and all the other files from the the Official folder.

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Thanks WFGWurst for the explanation, appreciate it.

question: Did the update break the mod for you guys?
Im confused, im getting comments that it’s broken, but it works perfectly for me.

No, worked fine. The newer G1000 Mods are needed.

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works ok - as others have said, I needed to update latest WT G1000

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I have a problem (the throttle don´t work) if, after MSFS update, I don´t take away from Community DA62X (v0.4.1) and workingtitle-g1000 (v0.3.7).

how about the da40 and cj4?

With DA40-NGX (v0.7.6) I had the same problem and solution as in DA62X.

No problems for me…flew 3 hours yesterday.
Now I just have to figure out in which version of the DA62 I liked the default interior view point positions the best and transfer those into the latest (after I find in which of the bloody cfg files they hide :smiley: )