DA62X Improvement Mod (SU7, v0.6, Nov 03)

I did see that posting, and since I can add the co-pilot the Kenmore texture must be the X-Mod active. But I do not have the default blue texture anymore or the few repaints I used to have.
With the prior updates they always worked without having to do any modifications to any cfg files. :thinking:


Well, depends on the parking spot

I sure would like the option to push back in those cases

you can add it back in the aircraft.cfg if you really want it.

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I’m having the same issue seeing the DA62X in my hangar - I looked at the changelog and that doesn’t seem to tell me anything special about installation. The README says to copy “DA62xX” to Community - is that a typo, or should I rename “DA62X” to “DA62xX”?

I’ve cleared out Community of everything not related to this model, and have deleted rolling cache (it was disabled, but I deleted it anyway). I have attached screenshots. Is there something obvious I’m doing wrong?

have you tried flying the plane?

The traffic on this thread had led me to believe that your mod was under a different model, so I had not.

it was, for like a week.

i haven’t read the readme myself in ages lol.

yeah thats a typo

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Not a worry, sometimes from the flow of the thread it’s not obvious - thanks for clarifying, I’ll give it a go!

ok. It does appear to load the mod - thanks! I can see the G1000 mod in there, as well as the GTN750 I had installed, and performance is definitely different from stock! All I have to do now is dial in my rudder pedal adjustments for taxi and I should be good to go…

you can see the grey triangle/fillet on the bottom left of the thumbnail.

Hi, thanks again for your excellent mod. Just asking if you plan to incorporate the new G1000 NXI by Working Title once it’s released in early access?

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why would he needs to incorporate it?

it replaces the g1000 without touching the panel.cfg

Does it? I have no idea, so I’ll take your word for it :D. I imagined some work would need to be done because of the DA62x mod’s specific customisation, like the drawing of the engine, systems and fuel pages

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mind you, I re-read what Matt wrote

Liveries will not be an issue with the NXi, because no changes are being made to the panel.cfg

I guess it’ll fit from the start, but I’m not 100% sure
maybe added features wont for from the start in the NXI…

ill ask rob.

thanks for the heads up.

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FYI, if today’s update breaks something i wont be able to work on it till the weekend.


Just some bugs I noticed since update:

  • The red fuel lever lock (unsure of the name) doesnt move, cant even click it

  • Might be something wrong with the FADEC (I’m no expert here so might be wrong). Load figures do not give me the expected RPM figures.

G1000 related issues (I guess this still needs to be repainted since it’s just released…just listing issues to help you :slight_smile: )

  • The glow alert is green instead of white.

  • The systems and fuel pages are not there. The main engine page is ok

  • Overloading the engines doesnt show in red or yellow. Load numbers also dont show in %

  • Not sure if your mod or the NXI, but I’m getting an Altitude Fail master warning. Didn’t affect altitude capture

  • No Master warning/caution sounds. EDIT: No oral alerts at all

No rush, because otherwise the mod is perfectly useable and enjoyable :D. I’ll report if I notice more issues.