DA62X Improvement Mod (v0.6.2, JAN 07)

Thx for confirming the wx radar is not working. The events/vars I’d like are related to the new mods and not the base aircraft so I doubt they are in the SDK lists hence why I posted the question here. I was hoping the dev would see it and reply.

I have deleted the mod and reinstalled it, reinstalled the default da62 and g1000. Everytime I start the thing the MFD flashes and the right engine wont crank. Am I doing something wrong?

I figured them out from digging into the code. I just wish all dev’s would publish any events and variables they use to make things easier for anyone wanting to bind controls. Just a basic txt document would suffice.

Flashing MFD is something that others have reported, and it seems to be some mod that is interfering, so try disabling everything except the DA62X. More here:

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I’ve done several flights in the latest version and haven’t noticed this.

Let’s hope they sort this out in this week’s hotfix.

Sort what out? I’ve got a flight going in another window with the DA62X and having no issues.


The CTD’s during every aircraft resync.

Look at the thread that Tommy linked. There is a problem with CTD when working on a plane in the SDK. So it does not affect us “end customers” of the Mod but of course Tommy when he wants to work on it. As regular visitors of this thread should know by now, Tommy does not like to type more words than absolutely necessary. :wink: So he wanted to tell us, that development of the Mod is on hold until this issue is resolved (he says “2 months” but I guess he will come back early if some hotfix solves the issue…:slight_smile: ).

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i like leaving some room to interpretation.

but nah, i cant really do stuff and don’t really want to until this is fixed.


Luckily the mod is in a good state.


I got the ECU test to work once but then it stopped. Not sure if there’s something I’m missing? Also, are there plans to implement Yaw Damper in this lovely plane?

EDIT: Yeah, this image shows how the AP buttons should be arranged…

I have a hardware cockpit and would like to map the deice switches/buttons to my controls. I have the deice panel mostly done but i’m missing control over the main mode switch and the max button. There does not appear to be sim connect events for any of these which would be the ideal solution. Anyone been able to control these external to the sim. Having to use the vc with the clunky control operation is a complete turn off for me. If i’m out of luck can i please ask the dev to add events for the deice controls in the next update.

Certainly you can ask. Go ahead but they probably won’t be able to put that in for the next update. Asobo is busy with a lot of other higher priority things.


2 : High
1 : Norm
0 : Off


Im playing around with it yeah.

Thanks for the reply. However I had discovered those already and can’t get them to work. I can write to the mode one but the vc switch position does not change.
The max one also I write a 1 to it a I see the max light briefly come on but almost immediately go off again. The flow and timer interval variables are also at the values (0.002 and 7 from memory) for hi mode. When I initiate max mode from the vc the flow and timer change to 0.004 and 10 for the whole duration of the max mode (2 minutes). From this I conclude that I’m not correctly entering max mode by writing 1 to the max variable. Are my expectations correct and if so why isn’t this working?

Does anyone experience CTD with the plane? I can’t finish any flight because of CTD.
I only use default blue livery and in my community folder I have the A320 and one Lufthansa livery, the DA40 mod and the improvement mod for the TBM930.
I also have instaled G1000NXi from the game library and a few airports I bought.

I heard that G1000Nxi doesn’t go well with this mod. Try uninstalling the Nxi. It works for me.