DA62X Improvement Mod (v0.6.2, JAN 07)

Ok I did a bit more testing. With the switch in hi as I was doing previously and writing 1 to the max var the very first time after aircraft load works as expected but every attempt after that gives the behaviour I previously explained. If I go out to main menu and re-load the flight it works again for just that first time.

Writing the enum value to the mode var does not move the vc switch but I do see the flow and duty cycle values changing as I send each value.

It would be great to get these working.

I’ve been using the nxi with the DA62 mod with zero issues.

Same here.

I think where this information may be coming from is that IIRC there was an NXi update a few weeks ago with which the DA62X was initially not compatible; however, @MrTommymxr put out a fix for this within a day or so. It’s been working great for me.

Regarding the very slow roll rate: I have no curves programmed into my stick (all graphs are straight and linear in settings). I can see full deflection of the stick in the cockpit. Autopilot is not engaged, and I always cold start on the ground.

P factor and adverse yaw also seem very exaggerated, and without rudder input the thing won’t turn or roll. I’ll have to make a video and post it when I get a chance. I uninstalled it for now, so maybe a re-install will fix the issue.

Works great for me with NXI. Could be a livery problem. Didn’t have any roll issues either Actually had to dial down roll and pitch curves across the board by about 20 percent. It was way too sensitive with honeycomb for my liking. Trimming works like a charm too. Great plane in terms of flight dynamics very comparable to DA I fly in XP.

Similar experience here, just tried it with NXi, worked fine not counting the known NXi shortcomings as it’s far from being finished.

It does what it needs to do for generic GA flight LNAV VNAV approach too bad it took a year. :). DA mod is pretty cool nice and stable even trim works :).

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Just wish the deice controls would play nice with external controls.

AHH!! Whats going on?!?!?!?!

Same thing happen to me a while ago with both the DA62X and CJ4,was almost on every flight. Turns out I had duplicate MFD mods - one in community and one in my add on community files. Off subject - has the water rudder fix for the G21 Goose been incorporated in the latest updates or do I need to add/change a file? Love the Goose - best plane for “Flying the Dam Plane”

Here’s a video showing the slow roll rate. If I add a little forward elevator, it rolls right around. No forward elevator, and it won’t roll…

AP is disengaged, and no curves set for the joystick. Using a Brunner CLS-E FFB and Vjoy

I only have this issue with the improved DA62. The OEM DA62 works fine.

The DA62 mod probably needs an update after the release of the G 1000 NXi 0.7.0. Over at their discord channel some users report that the throttle indicator is stuck at 100% - throttle works fine, though.


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legacy flightmodel?

need to see

Oh, I’m late. :slight_smile:
Anyway here’s what I wanted to emphasize about the new NXi update:
" * EIS system enhancements:

  • Adds support for the definition of additional System and Lean engine pages.
  • Adds default engine page configurations for every stock plane with a G1000.
  • Adds new EGT/CHT gauge type with configurable differences in cylinder temps.
  • Adds fully functional cylinder select and lean assist mode.
  • Adds fuel totalizer with realistic manual adjustments to fuel remaining."

yeah. their default panel configuration will not work with the mod

They have a guide on how to configure it and i should have a fixed by tonight


You’re awesome. Will you consider also adding the Engine and Systems pages you have in the default G1000 to the NXI now that they added the possibility to do so?

they should just work when ive changed the config



OK i will provide the fix tomorrow.

There are some new things that i need time to look at


Al settings at Hard/Realistic. Not on the legacy FM.