DA62X Improvement Mod (v0.6.2, JAN 07)

Are there a list of events/variables somewhere for us non VC flyers. I’d like them all but at the moment i’m interested in the voter select switches and the fadec test buttons.

Also Is the wx radar working. I tried the small fms knob but no joy?

Hi is there an issue with 62X and WT NXi? The plane loads fine and and all controls are responding but when I try to enter a flight plan into Nxi. Everything in the plane as in all switches and all controls stop responding and the only functioning part is Nxi.

Shot in the dark but – did you click on the G1000 NXi panel itself? It can take keyboard focus, allowing you to type with the keyboard. This could be eating input events you expected to go to other controls?

(I’ve not used this keyboard mode myself, but it’s been mentioned over on the G1000 NXi thread.)

I did :slight_smile: and I made sure I clicked off the keyboard icon after I was done. But obviously NXi doesn’t like to give things back after it takes them. I did few more tries with the same result, once keyboard is enabled no matter what you do the mouse control is lost. At least with DA62X. Haven’t bothered with other planes too busy recreating douglas world cruisers round the world flight in 62X :). Super fun plane to fly.

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Long time lurker, first time poster. Are there any plans (or even any way) to modify the external model? I keep looking at it and it just doesn’t look right. I think it might be the size of the tires and the shape of the nose, but it looks like it needs a cleanup. Thanks for all your great work!

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So far as I’m aware this mod merely ‘corrects’ the performance and flying characteristics, visuals are unaltered. So: you might be best redirecting your comment to Asobo / Microsoft.

I find this thing to be incredibly sluggish in the air. Roll rate is terrible. I don’t have any control curves, and visually I’m getting full stick deflection.

I’m on the advanced FM with no helpers, everything on hard.

No issues with the tbm930, husky, extra, or any of the other aircraft.

What is the advanced flight model?

I gave it a go and the DA62X is flying as sweetly as it always does. Try using the default livery in case the livery you were using is overwritting some of the DA62s settings.

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I’m using the default light blue livery?

Something is off as this thing flies like a fat pig. Very unresponsive in roll. I tried the da40 and it’s the same. I’ll have to check if it’s something in my joystick software.

You are now the third person saying this (two on this thread and one friend of mine). Can you maybe post a short video for comparison… This would help to confirm that it behaves differently.

Are you flying with the Autopilot on and in ROL mode? The ailerons will be very slow to respond in ROL mode.

Ah yes, that might be it. If you spawn in air, autopilot will be on by default.

by no control curves, are you sure you are fully linear as suggested in faq? It flies beautifully like that

Does the plane seem like it’s rolling over bumpy terrain when taxing down a smooth taxiway with the latest version?

I assume no one knows the answer to either of these questions then.

Try the SDK for the event/variables (good luck!) and the wx radar is inop.

Thx for confirming the wx radar is not working. The events/vars I’d like are related to the new mods and not the base aircraft so I doubt they are in the SDK lists hence why I posted the question here. I was hoping the dev would see it and reply.

I have deleted the mod and reinstalled it, reinstalled the default da62 and g1000. Everytime I start the thing the MFD flashes and the right engine wont crank. Am I doing something wrong?

I figured them out from digging into the code. I just wish all dev’s would publish any events and variables they use to make things easier for anyone wanting to bind controls. Just a basic txt document would suffice.