DA62X Improvement Mod (v0.9.1.1 Oct 22, SuX)

SU 10 Update induced a couple issues, that I am experiencing.

  1. Autopilot Porpoise. The Flight Director is going up and down.
    MSFS SU 10 update DA 62 Autopilot Porpoise - YouTube

  2. My controller switches that “Increase/Decrease Autopilot Reference Altitude” causes the Reference Altitude to jump in 2200 feet increments. One click 2200 feet, Two click 4400 feet. It should be 100 feet increment.

After installing the SU10 public release today, with the DA62X_Statesaving.xml in the Disabled modules folder, a CTD occurred before getting to the Welcome screen.

Removing just the DA62X folder from the Community folder cured that. Re-adding it again with the DA62X_Statesaving.xml still in the Disabled modules folder, a CTD occurred before getting to the Welcome screen.

Moving the DA62X_Statesaving.xml out of the Disabled modules and back to its original folder, the sim loads normally to the Welcome screen

Short-term fix for those of you who want to fly – should solve the issue for now.


Replace the file with this

<Template Name = "Statesaving">	
	<Update Frequency="1">	

I’m a beta tester but haven’t seen any of these in any beta versions. I’m using the G1000 NXi mod I’ve not experienced these issues now either. I’m using a Honeycomb Bravo for AP altitude settings.

what in the name of ■■■■…

so yeah. The fix for those not using state saving or engine damage.

  1. re enable the modules.
  2. open the .xml files in a text editor (note pad, word pad)
  3. remove everything between the

<Update frequency ="1">



Ill fix this for the next update, ETA for the 62: this weekend.
40: mid next week


https://flightsim.to/file/2733/da62x-project :slight_smile:


@MrTommymxr thanks for nice update! Please let us know can you change labels:

lean to Fuel and remove CYL Select and Assist which is there form Cessnas?

And can you change the order to Engine / System / Fuel ?
because the RST Fuel and GAL REM options appear in the System window and they should be in the Fuel window.

all in NXI1000 of course.

One thing about ailron trim. Before you make that when virtually by button try to change the trim it’s going reset back to zero, because DA62 don’t have ailron trim, now trmming by key is possible, could you block it again please?


He cannot change the G 1000 mod. That is a different mod.

he can, working title give opportunity to mod this, some details here:


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Perhaps, it would have been a better idea that the Diamond DA62X Improvement Project was listed as its own aircraft in the menu rather than overwriting the default aircraft. After all, this aircraft does have the X factor (DA62X).

Besides, it would then be better to have both aircraft for comparison.

Please do consider.


you are a year late. also that ended up being a horrible idea.

I think it is a good idea to keep two aircraft and compare their performance profiles, rather than deleting the mod files to check the difference.

***SOLVED *** Hi, I am getting a broken NAV1 NAV2 when using the DA62X mod. I am Using latest g1000NXi by WT

→ The Engine_Failure setting is not working and causes mentioned problem

ill see if i can prevent that from happening

Hello everyone,

I recently discovered this project and it seems wonderful to me, doing a little research I would like to see if this option could be introduced in the engine indication systems in the future:
It would be much more realistic if the parameter alert messages were integrated into the EIS.
Thank so much for work in this project! lovely.

thats something for the boys at working title

this was the original state of it way back; i’m assuming it changed for Reasons

I didn’t get what you meant. Please elaborate. Thank you.