DA62X Project (v0.1.4, Oct 20)


So after hearing about complaints on the DA62, I thought id take everything I learned from the DA40-NGX project and adapt it to the DA62.

Key Features.

  1. Engine control
    Full FADEC: Use the F2-F3 keys to set the Power and the FADEC will keep the desired power throughout the climb and descent without you needing to compensate for altitude.
    Prop-Control FADEC version also available where your throttle works and RPM is set by the ECU. However you have to monitor power during climb and decent.

  2. Engine changes

  • Proper fuel flows
  • Changed OIL/Coolant temp and pressure behaviour
  • Increased thrust scalar
  1. Compatibility with the G1000v2 mod
  • Added Engine, Systems and Fuel page
  • Aux tank fuel indication added
  • Added fuel/Gearbox temperature indications
  • CAS messages added


  1. Flightmodel
  • Correct cruise speeds
  • Reduced elevator and rudder sensitivity
  • Improved Cl table and stall characteristics
  • Improved inflight handling characteristics all around
  • Decreased ground friction and turn radius
  • Increased flap lift and drag
  • Increased Gear drag
  1. Systems
  • Lowered standby instruments brightness
  • Improved lighting, Added Ice light
  • Anti-ice system functional
  • Improved autopilot PIDs and limitations
  • Engine Indications Connected to Engine Master switches


  • Flightmodel: Correct performance all around
  • Systems: Redo everything, Full G1000- FADEC integration
  • Alot more


  • FADEC need a few seconds to initialise/might not at all. Reload and try again.
  • Simconnect cant distinguish between the engine 1 and 2, so atm the right engine mimics the left.
  • Fuel pumps double your fuel flow, turn them off and just leave them off

Here is a drive download link.


This is a Community project! I am unable to do this alone. If you would like to contribute, go ahead and don’t hesitate

Thanks to:
Nishmaster for the FADEC
Friends for helping me with C++
Uwajimaya for the lighting mod
Jonasbeaver for his findings on the autopilot and stuff


Thanks for trying to improve this AC.

Not a massive fan of the stock version and hardly ever fly in it. Looking forward to trying your version.

Thanks and also looking forward to have you guys make an improvement mod - sadly this first iteration crashes the sim before you even get to flight planning. Crashed 4 times in a row in the menu screens - removed it and all was normal. In case it was conflicting with modifications I had already made to engines.cfg, target performance.cfg, ai.cfg, aircraft.cfg and systems.cfg - I deleted the DA62 in official and redownloaded it and tried your mod with a completely fresh install - it still CTD’d.

oh ■■■■, really?

it worked for me, i just zipped the folder i had in my Community folder.


I will take a look tomorrow. Sorry bout that

Crashing for me too. Idk if this matter but the plane select by the last time i flyied is da62. Crash 3 times after load the sim. Deleted the mod folder worked

Yep crash in menu for me too. No need to apologise. It is a Beta after all :slight_smile:
Going to try changing a/c before loading it up then switch to it. See if this is causing the issue.

Ok so selected another AC then put the folder back in and could load main menu. Went to my hangar and the DA62 Beta was selected automatically.

so worked if you close the game with other aircraft in hangar?

I can get to main menu by selecting a different aircraft before closing and then putting the files in the community folder. Select the aircraft and start a flight. I now have an issue where the throttle will not move forward? It kind of just shakes and makes a horrible grinding noise. Using a Saitek X52 if that has any difference.
That was trying from cold and dark. Just going to try from runway RTG.
Same issue with throttle moving back and forth.

I think you have to use f2 and f3 for the different throttle gates. I had to give it up for now as I have easy access to a throttle flying, but no easy access to a keyboard. For testing, I loaded it and it crashed before I could get to the menu when it was the last plane I flew. The sim started, then crashed when selecting it when it wasn’t the last plane I flew.

Not a problem at all - just happy people are looking at the Da62 for an improvement mod - it’s by far my favourite plane. Best looking GA in the stable too :slight_smile:

Sorry for the janky start. :grimacing:

ill take look and add some documentation.

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I only fly 2 aircraft exclusively atm which is the Mooney M20 and the DA62. That was why when I saw this thread I was super excited! Stayed up too late last night trying the mod out.

@ MrTommymxr

Every time very appreciated Community work,

but on other side I don’t know if it brings something what we really need. We need improvement of all default planes and with change of sim, you’ll need also do maybe big changes again so it’s very possible go to some problems with sim functionality. Good luck and maybe I’ll try your addon because very like stock DA62 as my now preferable aircraft for IFR flights.

I certainly appreciate what @MrTommymxr is doing and yes all default a/c need work but I dont know how long it will take Asobo to fix these due to them needing to fix more critical “bugs” with the whole program first, so really appreciate the speed at which these community fixes are coming out.


personally im worried that they will have their own official fixes right after we have ours. rendering all the time spent useless

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You could see it as them integrating your hard work into the base code, or being inspired by it. You are pushing the sim forward.:+1:t3:

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Agree. I am pretty sure that Asobo “use” community fixes in their updates. It feels like some of them have anyway. I dont think its useless the time you spend.
And “their” fixes I highly doubt will be in “Right after” aka soon™ you have done them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Updated download. the Layout.json was broken.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Still same issue with CTD if aircraft (DA62) already selected when last exiting MSFS.

EDIT - Ok now it CTD even without a/c previously selected

gonna remove everything and redownload it