Daily Random Flights

I’ve put together a webpage to generate random flights. The flights are updated every 24 hours. You can download the .pln file and load it directly in fs2020.

See https://fsdailies.azurewebsites.net


This is cool

Like it. :+1:t2:

That’s a fantastic idea! It would be possbile to add some more flights especially the short trips and the sight seeing trip?

Yeah I can make it generate any amount per day. For now, I want to keep the list small until more people start using it.

Seems reasonably! Anyway thanks for that, very nice stuff!

This is really cool!

Thanks. Make sure to drop by the Discord channel and tweet any cool flights.

Awesome stuff here. Thanks, love a good random flight generator!

I’ve added a bunch more Scenic & Bush Flight locations. I’ll be posting occasional events on the Discord server. Anyone is welcome to tag along.

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