Daily updates

Due to the past recent performance issues and missing data in the logbook that are affecting the sim experience dramatically, it would be of upmost importance that we are getting updates from the developers on a daily or more regular basis.

Lots of users are trying to work around issues resulting in trial and error and getting frustrated doing so.
Another group of users see issues as challenges and dive in the deepest waters to get their answers.
For both users a word from the team would be nice.

I think the lack of feedback from from the developers is a reason players are losing their faith in the platform.
We have a strong user base that is willing to help doing research on these type of issues and therefor it would be so much appreciated if we kept to be be informed by the team of Asobo and or Microsoft.

A read only thread updated daily by Asosbo/MS when issues occur that dramatically impact the user experience.

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Each update needs time to be prepared. Not only does this waste time that could be spent in a more productive manner, but it creates even more work because someone needs to manage the answers that update receives. And in order to produce the update you must hound developers every day, asking them about their progress, which stresses them needlessly. Not to mention the meetings that have to be created so everyone talks about their progress. Daily updates might slow down progress by as much as 25%. I’d rather them do work then tell me about it weekly or monthly than them telling me daily about all the work they should be doing but can’t because they’re too busy telling me about it.


I completely understand your point of view.
And I totally agree with you on that, don’t get me wrong.

But what I try to achieve here, is that a simple small word from their end will suffice.

Now as we speak there is an issue present affecting hundreds of users negatively the last 5 days.
I expected to hear something at least yesterday(monday), but we heard none.

But yeah just a small word of acknowledgement would be nice to comfort us, if you will.

I think they’re delaying that a bit because there’s supposed to be a dev Q&A today, so they might address it there.


I completely agree with op. They add bugs as they publish new versions and then it takes weeks for them to fix them until the next version. Bis repetita

This mfs project is very badly managed and i think some people who take decisions at microsoft and asobo should be replaced


While I like the spirit of this suggestion and think that would be way more transparent, the devs need to time to investigate and track big issues. Once they are ready with any kind of communication, they let us know they are ready to share insight into it and then we post that information as soon as it comes in.

“We are investigating the issue,” while not very informative, is often as much information as we are able to provide, but that is a formal nod that the issue is indeed being looked at by the team and not being swept under the rug or forgotten.