Dare I ask about Boeing 777

So I’m on Xbox and as you know we have no ability to fly commercial airlines with the exception of bredoks 737 max.

I’ve seen people complain about this 777 online, however on pc the standard bearing is much higher due to availability. I just want a decent ish airliner with liveries that does a job better than the ■■■■■■ max which again crashed my sim whilst updating this morning.

Has anyone bought this on Xbox? Does it come with the liveries it says it does? How does it perform?

The systems of the plane are that of the default 747. There is nothing more one needs to know.

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Can I suggest you follow the thread of interest that pops up from this search result?


I very much doubt that running it on xbox will be materially different to those who have commented on the PC version and there is lots of feedback available in relevant threads.