Dark lines across the water

Does anyone else get these dark lines across the water?

Yes I do get them as well.


Without looking at the satellite imagery, my guess would be the boundary between images that has been misinterpreted. Like two photographs that have slightly different colour balance.

That’s been a problem since day 1 perhaps it will be corrected some time.

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I get them. I get them in Orbx scenery in X Plane too. Must be an imagery thing I guess.

Yes and it’s an easy fix with the sdk.

It’s caused when different water textures meet.
The fix is to highlight the area with the polygon tool and select a different water type for that area sometimes you have to stretch the nodes out to fully remove the weird texture.

Go to 20 secs on my video and down below for the river Thames it had that same issue now you won’t even notice. Have also fixed the same issue for Southampton docks.

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Yeah I get this plenty of times in plenty of places. In my case, earlier today I saw these lines quite frequently not only on water but also on ground level scenery while doing a flight from KPWT to KRNT and back. Here’s hoping it’s something devs will fix in future.