Dark User Interface Mod

I made a dark user interface mod for those interested. It’s enabled by default in the mod.

------------ After Sim Update 5 it is not possible to change the file (on MS store version) anymore.
Remove any old version before running the sim. ------------


Updated for 1.10.11 (update #6)


Nice i like it! :smiley:

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Updated for (USA World Update)

Updated for 1.13.16 UK World Update.

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Only just seen this - dope! Will check

Are there any specific installation instructions?

I have tried placing the unzipped “ui_darkmode” folder into my Community folder and it did not work.

Really would love to use this mod.

Just checked to be sure and works here.

Did you delete your MSFS data cache in settings?

Never mind.
Thank you for your time. I thought it would just work out of the box.

I had to change my “Main Colour” back to default in the Accesibility settings. Works perfect now.

Many thanks again for all you do in the community here!!

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Ah right, I never thought about what happens if you selected another color. That setting is obviously saved in profile data. :slight_smile: Glad it works now.