Darkstar issues/bugs/suggestions

  • Camera for front view on screen
  • Autopilot (because it is a 2030 class aircraft…)
  • Fix for scram jet temperature bug (they don’t cool down even after landing)
  • Fix for scram jet internal glow (a glow should be visible from both front and rear as internals heat up)
  • Fix for plasma not showing externally
  • Flight model needs lots of work (particularly flight control sensitivity vs IAS)
  • Missing transonic vapour

You missed at least one visual point:

  • Right hand strobe not attached to rudder (floats in midair)

Also not only the transonic vapour is missing - in general I’d love to see all effects also the F/A-18E has :slight_smile:

I agree with your points but I’m not sure the moderators will let this topic live in the bug reporting section. (topics not following the template are often moved).

There’s so many bugs with it I’d need a full working day to report them conventionally.

Hi there,
I have moved your post out of Bug Reports. In that category, we ask:

  1. For only one bug per topic. I know it’s inconvenient to have to log multiple bugs, but it makes it impossible for the team to merge duplicates when several bugs are logged together.
  2. We also ask that people not delete the bug template when logging bugs.

You are free to continue to discuss here.

With full afterburners on, and at 240 knots. Not able to get airborne!
Why not?

This aircraft is asking for a FBW like community split and fix.

Turn off the parking brake and use the modern flight model.

Do you think developers don’t know these problems? They are simply ignored.

I believe you but I still hope that they continue to improve upon the planes from the Top Gun DLC. Probably not though…

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Thank you. Thought it was, but will double check.


I created a proper wishlist item for that one, since you didn’t want to.

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