Darkstar - Log Book Screenshots (Post your flights!)

I’ve been getting a lot of suggestions to consolidate my Darkstar threads for better results. I agree. So I will post all my flights I like (or snippets) and screenshots here. Feel free to share as well, videos or screenshots! And flight plans too if you want!

The Darkstar is a fairly complicated plane to fly because of how powerful it is. It stalls at 180knots, it lands like a brick, and if you’re flying it like you might in real life you’re making a direct descent from Mach 6 at 220,000 feet. If you want to pull some G’s and fly like this here’s the manual:

I just conducted a flight that I landed successfully where I buzzed the tower, only the tower was Mount Everest, the altitude was 75,000 feet and I was going Mach 6+. I’ll get the video up soon but here’s the teaser screenshots.

Buzzing Mount Everest

Rotated for Portrait quality :slight_smile:

Content Creators is for videos only. Screenshots & World Discovery is for sharing screenshots and places in the world to fly. I have moved your thread.