Dashboard sharpness graphic option in IFR

During IFR flights, instruments blurryness is unacceptable, especially in VR.

I understand that GPUs power has limits, but I think ASOBO should at least guarantee good visibility of all the instruments in our cockpits in VR, otherwise IFR flights will not be feasible in good conditions.

Why not create an IFR graphics option that would improve the readability of the cockpit at the expense of exterior scenes if necessary ?

Please vote if you agree.

This may be related to pixels per inch. What is the pixel resolution of your headphones? How many pixels does the instrument occupy in the whole field of view? Are the pixels occupied by the instrument enough to display clear and sharp instrument graphics? I’m sure that if the field of view of PIMAX 8K PLUS is reduced to 100 degrees, the instrument will become very clear. But is it technically feasible at present?
My earphone is REVER G2, so I can only see the big elements on the instrument clearly, but if it is too small, it won’t work.

I wouldn’t call this “IFR (VR)” graphic options. This applies to any flight conditions and non-VR gaming. Some people for example change render scale to 70% in 4k (non VR) to boost frames. Good luck reading for example the engine gauges on the G3000 without zooming in when doing that.

It’s just about having the render scale separate for the cockpit and the outside world. I’m OK with the world being a little bit blurry, but the cockpit should always be super sharp. I know both DCS and Aerofly FS2 do exactly that. The outside world might not look very nice there, but the cockpits are excellent. Especially in DCS.

I suggested that some time ago here: [Request] Seperate world and cockpit render scaling - Archives / Bugs & Issues - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums but it didn’t gain much traction.

Some useful tips for optimizing your cockpit readability.

If you search @CptLucky8 posts he has put together some very good guides for optimizing your graphics settings, both VR and flat.

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Think exactly the same. Find most letters for the buttons poorly visible with need to zoom in.
Agree with separate adjust option for everything in the cockpit. Microsoft screams that graphics are awesome and critics try to tell us the same, but when flying the first thing that should be clearly visible are the needed parts and button descriptions in the cockpit, else it all is of no use. Letters and buttons should be clearly visible at all times, at all qualities of outside graphics.

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