Dassault Falcon 8X

Hi there
Any plans to bring on any business jets like the Falcon 8X? Nice plane, I fly the Falcon 7X in X-Plane 11.

Ask the maker of that Falcon 7X? I’m pretty sure more planes will be made by 3rd party makers now.

EDIT: I upvoted so if any 3rd party makers are looking, they can see there’s interest.

Seems like the market is missing study level business jets. Would be all for that, especially a larger cabin like the 7X/8X series, Challenger 350, etc. I know DDen did a Challenger for X-Plane, but wasn’t study level (And Aerobask is working on an 8X for XP). Have heard Gulfstream and Embraer aren’t too fond of people making sim models, but not sure if that is still the case or not.


I remember hearing that about Gulfstream for sure, but IDK why.

Would love, if Aerosoft would release the Challenger Series. They are already making the CRJ, so they just need two cuts and some clue :wink:


Maybe just rumor? With as often as personnel change at aircraft manufacturers, that may not be the case any more. Someone should try to license a G500! Many would pay PMDG prices if they do a study level version.


IDK how the licensing works; but I know that SCS Software goes through a lot to license trucks for their truck sims.

Wouldn’t mind Asobo doing an Expert Series Falcon 8X (if only they could work closely with Dassault).