Data Collection & Privacy

Has anyone considered or know what DATA MSFS is collecting about you and your computer, when it is running, and connected to the Internet.

Just a though … Probably not as much as Windows 10. ?

Is any of the data (if being harvested) going to ASOBO ?

I really do not remember reading any License Info when I downloaded MSFS, not can I seem to find any official information on the Internet about Privacy, specifically wrt MSFS.

Just a Though


Mate I don’t think a flight sim is going to be collecting much data other than where your flying and what your flying. I doubt Asobo or Microsoft have much interest in your Minecraft worlds or whatever your scared of leaking to the government.

Interesting “thinking” coming from a “Tech Alpha Insider” … I hope you are right – :slightly_smiling_face:
but I think it is very naive these days, to assume that anything you install on your PC, is not actively sending data back to its creator.

DATA = $$$$$

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If you really want to know, install Wireshark and see what’s included in your outbound packets.

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I think the scarier issue is that if your using multi player sometimes there is bleed over from one users inputs through the server and onto your airplane…

So then how hard or easy would it be for someone to inject malware into their copy of msfs and spread it purposely through MP ?

This is what’s more concerning, not Microsoft using my data illegitimately.

I’m fairly confident in Microsoft protecting my privacy, unlike some other mega corporations out there…

Yes, but relevant data are encrypted. You can’t see the payload. You need “MITM”…

It’s not that easy to get rid of tracking, ads etc. The simplest way for the average user is to install pi-hole.

Been doing that for years … amazing who comes knocking at the front door, trying to get in.

In this case I am more concerned with whats leaking out – and rightly so with w10.

WinpkFilter is your friend :eyes: