Data synchronization hangs at launch

I just changed nothing but today the sim just hangs in the loading screen saying the data synchronization is in progress… forever !

No way to make it going forward (usual stuff done: exit from the account in the XBOX app and login done again, community folder emptied, repaired the installation files, etc.)

Am I the only one having this issue ?

Any real clue to solve it ?

I just tried again this evening and suddenly the synchronization now is passed and the sim starts normally again

Really weird

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Something I’ve done that “gets thing right again” with FS 2020 is to restart the “GamingServices” under the “Services” tab in Task Manager.


Same here. Restarting the computer solves it. Will try to restart gaming services next time the syncing data hangs. Rolling cache is off.

Yep that does it Thanks

Cool. Thanks for the feedback.