Davis Monthan AFB (KDMA) missing from world map/no runways in navdata in SU5?

Basically what it says on the tin. It can’t be found unless searching for it, and when selected after a search there are no runways available. Was entirely fine before SU5.

Yea I too can zoom in and see the runway and other DM areas, but it’s lost it’s identifier as a departure point (airport/runway) and shows no navaids in the basic version of the sim navdata.

I noticed this just now (right after installing World Update VI so I may not have seen it between the SU5 update and now), and, when I try to manually type in and select KDMA, it says something to the effect that my aircraft cannot be used with water runways.

I wonder if some parameter got flipped when they enabled water runways that is making it not recognize it as a normal (land) airport.

DMA also shows up with a “?” on the MFD map (930), and doesn’t show up at all on the ATC list of “nearest airports”, but does show up on the MFD “nearest airport” pushbutton list (although it also has a “?” by the name.
Don’t think it’s addressed well in the nav database.

I did some testing and I believe this is an issue with the USA World Update.

I get a message stating my aircraft cannot depart a water runway. KDMA shows an anchor symbol when I find it via search.

I uninstalled the USA update and it appears on the map and was back to a “normal” airport.

Reinstalling USA World Update reverted KDMA back to the water runways and anchor

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