Dc design concorde error message upon install

Son appli:


Pour plus facilement éditer le UserOpt.cfg si tu veux tjrs tenter le sauver sans reinstaller

Le truc du custom install c’est que le chemin n’ait pas le nom du dossier trop long 5-12-38348979blabla au milieu. Je comprendrai jamais pourquoi ils ont choisi structurer l’installation comme ça chez Asobo ou peut être il s’agit qqch de Microsoft Store.

Their app


If you still want to try to edit the UserOpt.cfg to save it without a reinstallation

The thing with the custom install is that the path not have the too-long folder name with 5-12-983475 etc in the middle. I’ll never understand why they chose to structure the installation like that at Asobo or maybe it has to do with the Microsoft Store.

ok merci çà me donne mes chemins d accàs et tout mais je ne suis pas plus avancé
j’abandonne Concorde pour l instant
merci de ton aide

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bel effort néanmoins

à +

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Sorry folks
This is not a solution to my problem but I saw that Concorde is now available on the marketplace; I think I will re-purchase it there to avoid a full re install
Thanks to all for your help

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