DC Designs Concorde Xbox

So I just downloaded the Concorde on Xbox series X. Currently mid flight from KJFK to EGLL. I just noticed I have a RDS, PRESS, M/CG, and CG light on. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong/ how to fix it?


You need to download and read the manual. You can get it from DC designs. I’m not sure of the link. Also you should follow the built in checklist when starting up. That should make sure you don’t forget something.

Also most of your questions have probably already been answered on the main Concorde thread.

Okay, I did download the manual and I followed the checklist. Where can I find this Concorde thread?

This thread will take you there:

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Went to DC Designs but can’t figure out how to dl the Manuel. Can someone help? Thx!

Here is a link:

Oh thx! Unfortunately “Access has been denied”

Go to:

The arrow in the pics points to the link on the page.


Yes! Thanks a lot.

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I’m on the SU9 beta right now. I noticed that the fuel management (e.g. pumping from tank 11 to 9 or reversed) does not work. Also there are no passengers on the plane. No matter what position the switch has or how the aircraft is loaded. Since I bought the Concorde under SU9 I can not say whether the problems are also under SU8. Can someone check this and SU8?

Oh well, that’s what happens when you use beta software

Unfortunately, I cannot extract a qualified answer from your source of wisdom. Everyone should be aware that in a BETA release not everything works the way you want it to, which is in the nature of things. Nevertheless, thank you for your comment

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