DC Designs F-14A/B Tomcat Announcement & Discussion

If you search on google or whatever for ‘Thrustmaster Warthog stiction’ you’ll find a ton of forum posts around the web with people complaining about the issue and a load of solutions. I used the Warthog stick for many years until it died on me and I replaced it with something else and I only ever had minor stiction issues with it. I did have a little custom dust shield thing which covered the joint where the stick attaches to the gimbal to prevent dust and other stuff getting to the gimbal which probably helped as well.

Also don’t use WD-40 on it as it’s not an ideal lubricant to be using on plastics (the warthog gimbal is plastic) and also wtih circuitry nearby it could mess with that. Nyogel 767a is the lubricant I always saw recommended and if you do use that make sure you clean the old lube off first.

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Thank you for that advice. I just added the Nyogel 767 to my shopping cart.

  • Main uses include Joysticks, Microscopes, Telescopes, Binoculars, Tripods and HOTAS

That was perfect. Thanks agin. :grinning:

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Real pilots have a center stick. Typical sim setting is quite different. So swapping hands on stick requires kind of advanced gymnastics. And when assigning a function to an unused feature, e.g. „magneto4“ assignment within MSFS is easy. So, it could be done! :wink:

In the meantime I rely on Lorby‘s AAO. Not so elegant, but a workaround.

A “magneto” is a stock animation. A custom “LVar” animation cannot be bound as it is entirely a custom feature. So, it in fact cannot be done.

I fly in VR all the time, and swap hands / use the keyboard with my right hand all the time. As I said, if you’re landing, there is no need to move any switches.

Please refer any further comments to our Discord channel as we cannot offer support here. Thanks.

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another update making the great aircraft even better. and enjoying the FLIR in the bad weather.
As the F 14 was a very rare bird on the airshow circuit with the camo schemes part of me keeps thinking to the aircraft the tomcat “replaced” the F 111. that was an air show favourite. deano has the aardvark ever cross your mind?


After watching a BUNCH!!! of Youtube videos, updating my BIOS, I’m now playing with core voltage offset to see if it helps. As I was typing this the -0120 V setting crashed. :frowning:
But at least I got a nice pic in first. lol

Just completed my first flight in the F-14 from Justflight without any stuttering or MSFS crash. :sunglasses:

Had to lower my core voltage offset to -090. Lets hope she remains stable.


Was it running overclocked before? Just wondering why you’d have to potentially reduce pc performance for stability using this aircraft?

I’ve definitely noticed it runs glitchy sometimes compared to any others I’ve flown but leaving that to the devs to improve it.

Well done on your first PC build. Until now I have taken the easy option and had my PC built by a supplier using my chosen components.

This time I’m going to have a go myself and build it from scratch so I’m expecting a few challenges myself along the way and for it to be a bit of a learning process. Fingers crossed anyway.

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Low temps shouldn’t cause your CPU to perform worse, sounds like a really weird issue. Also use XMP, it’s basically the manufacturer overclock setting and shouldn’t cause any problems at all unless you have some other system instability issues which it kinda sounds like you do TBH…

Thanks!! It was scary, fun and frustrating at times but I do not regret it. I learned a lot from watching JaysTwoCents on youtube.

Good Luck

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Still geeking out at Maverick and Goose’s Tomcat

Another day at the office :sunglasses:

Finally took a break from buzzing the tower to get in a flight from Miramar to San Francisco


Computer problem solved ( problem was AI suite 3 not playing nice with MSFS ) and I’m back in the air :sunglasses: Now that I know how to use IAS, I set it to 240 before takeoff and day or night my takeoffs are now much improved. My day or night/bad weather landings still SUCKS!! :face_with_head_bandage: and I’m now trying to use the two MFD to land using TV norm (I LIKE!! TV norm), heading select and VS but I find myself chasing the ball and the runway. you can see in photo 2 that it does’nt show any GS info. What I mean is that it does’nt match the flight chart.
Any advice :thinking: Thanks!!!

Update: This time I used L Nav/VOR with VS and it was going perfect until the end when it broke off. Question: do we have the ability to set minimums and if not, what is the min already set to?

Update: I DID IT :grinning: My first landing with only the MFD. No looking up. I just used the approach mode and at around 100ft I turned offf the AP and landed without looking up. That was very scary but now I know I can land with zero visibility. :sunglasses:


i dont know what i am doing wrong but the direct lift control doesent work for me. the switch keeps immediately flipping back after flipping it so icant raise those small spoilers to create extra lift for take off and landing. is it bugged? the provided handbook says for it to work flaps must be fully extended and the landing gear in the down position however i remember seeing a yt video where it was also being used for take off but regardless of flap settings it doesent work

It’s automatic for you now on the latest update, too many people kept forgetting to engage DLC and claimed they couldn’t land. DLC was not used on take off.

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Deano, you know i love your F-14 and the F-15, but since the last update when in cockpit view you cant slide out on the wing to get the “go pro” shots on either. any chance that this option can come back in the future ? will we be able to do it on the up coming F-4?

the DLC makes so much difference, i never forgot it :wink:

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ah ok i see. yeah now i noticed it coming on automatically😄

You need to create custom camera views using the outside camera now to do that. We have to put a collision mesh on the cockpit interior so people can’t bust their heads through the canopy.

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The roll rate feels too slow since the update. Any way to increase this? The tomcat would be a sitting duck against other more agile and nimble fighters.

Surely, it doesn’t roll this slowly in real life? Pitch feels great though so not sure why the roll has become so sluggish.


Also there’s an issue with all DC Designs jets at the moment where you go full throttle at the runway right before takeoff,but the throttle takes a few seconds to respond … the needle in the external HUD would be full but the engine’s sound and RPM spools up a few seconds later. Exact same bug with both DC fighters I own. No issue with the other jetd