DC Designs F-14A/B Tomcat Announcement & Discussion

Ban this trash.


I don’t know, that’s their call. This cat waltzes in here and openly states he is engaging in piracy. There is a very good section on that in the manual, though who knows if that’s included in the pirated copy. What the moderators do is their prerogative. I am simply pointing out that in no way is it acceptable to steal products, whether it’s for unsanctioned “testing and evaluation” or otherwise. Go steal a Benz from a dealership and tell them you were just trying it out. They didn’t let you, period. You can kindly approach a developer and explain your situation and ask them if they would be willing to provide you with an evaluation copy. They may or may not, but that’s at the discretion of the developer. You don’t just steal a product and then argue how just you are doing it.


“Barking up the wrong tree” is an English expression for complaining to the wrong person. That’s a language barrier, so it’s understandble. My point stands.


@CatMod-3rd-party Can we please have some assistance to explain the piracy policy to this user? Kind regards.


No one swore. And I explained in the post above. You can’t take the word “bark” here without context. “Barking up the wrong tree” is an expression used to describe someone who is complaining to the wrong person. It cannot be translated, because it doesn’t make sense to a non-English speaker. There are plenty of those situations in other languages, including Chinese (my wife is Chinese).

bark up the wrong tree meaning, definition, examples, origin, synonyms (theidioms.com)


There is no sanctioned “sharing” of payware product by others REGARDLESS of purpose. By downloading “shared” products, you ARE engaging in piracy. There are no two ways of interpreting this. The user licensing agreement does not allow to try the product prior to payment.

Those sites that host stolen products often use ads and other ways in which they generate income for the host. By using those sites/sources, you are enabling them to continue to distribute others’ work for free.


Look, this discussion is not leading anywhere. I explained (in what I think is a very clear and concise way) why what you are doing is not acceptable. Just because it coincides with your own standards of behaviour, does not make it less wrong.

As far as how much you like or dislike me, I could not care any less. If you are offended by me pointing out you engaging in illegal activity, then I am ready to offend again and again. I also have a personal code of conduct. As a musician and creator of content, I am very vocal in my defense of intellectual property rights and will not stand idly by when I see someone violating it.

I have called for the moderators to assist in this matter. I don’t think any further engagement with you is going to produce anything of value, so I suggest we don’t continue to discuss this. I made my point and so have you.


You live in a world with other people and your “code of conduct” does not matter when it goes against the law. These other people made a product and they are not offering anything for anyone to try for free. You obtained the product by illegal means. Your purpose does not matter. You broke the law and committed an illegal act. What more is there to say?


Irrespective of personal points of view, the code of conduct of these forums is very clear:

:small_blue_diamond: Illegal Activities

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums are not a place for discussing illegal activity.

Please get back on topic and no more discussion of “piracy”.


Look, as a person involved in the development of the product you will understand that I am quite upset that someone comes here demanding answers after having obtained an illegal copy of something that I have struggled for days and nights for months and, I believe that I have earned the right not to answer any of your questions. However, I will not lose my manners or good manners with you: the day you get a legitimate copy, paste an extract of the purchase here and I will gladly answer your questions.


At present, I only buy F15, but the store can’t buy F14. Have you submitted it to the official?

I am the developer of the F-14 Tomcats, and there will be no correspondence, assistance or anything else with anybody who makes use of pirated software, for whatever reason. There is NEVER an excuse, as there are many videos, reviews and previews of this and other aircraft to allow you to make an informed decision.


Iv heard this plane is coming to the Marketplace, I got this from Just Flight and my god its a joy to fly in VR :slight_smile: If you like fighter jets this is the plane at present to get

In VR i have 1 little niggle tho with it…Both of your eyes dont correctly line up with button and switches, If anyone fly this in VR you know what i mean, Thats using Quest 2 with Airlink…You have to close one eye to know where your mouse is aming at…Hope this is fixed with a update

Also how cool would this be in shared cockpit (Hope we see this at some point) …Someone else sitting in the back as a passenger :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say its well worth the purchase…

PS - For the people here who use pirated software…Get out of the house and get a job and pay for stuff like the rest of us!!!


I may have found a new hobby - chasing down live traffic flights. Naturally, it was way harder than I thought it would be.

Also, the VX-9 Black Bunny livery up on flightsim.to is quite lovely.


So do I :rofl:

But sadly most planes disappear when I close up.


That funny looking line on your windshield vr snapshot from the cockpit is your headset clipping with the geometry from the glass. I take that as a sign I’m sitting to high up in the plane and use the up or down arrow on the keyboard to fix it.:wink:

It looked fine in flight…Its the strange way right now how to take quick screenshots in game from windows key and print screen in tight cockpits

Thats what im going to do next :slight_smile:

Iv just downloaded this livery thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

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Glad you’re enjoying the Tomcats! Yes, there is a collision border that is there but is not working correctly. I recently discovered that it’s a coding error in the Blender software I use to develop aircraft. There is a work-around so I’m hoping to correct this focusing issue in VR soon! :+1: