DC Designs HUD Issues

I need help (in more ways than one, apparently. Ha! But I digress . . . :grinning:).

I don’t believe this to be a bug, yet, so I’m asking in here. Apologies if this should have been posted elsewhere.

I have the F-15 and have been loving it. Whenever MSFS dropped the Super Hornet in the GOTY edition, I took it up for a spin. However, I encountered an issue upon returning to the Eagle. All of my Nav panels were deactivated. I lost all illumination. In thinking I had inadvertently deactivated them with an errant keybind press, I have scoured the DC Designs manual, and the actual real F-15 pilot handbook, and have been unable to locate a true cold-start protocol. My troubleshooting steps have involved verifying that other aircraft avionics panels are illuminated. This is the only aircraft that is presenting this issue. I systematically activated/deactivated all the switches in Cockpit view, including the HUD power and Master Avionics switch, without success. I even reset the Control and Assistance settings to default. As a last resort, I uninstalled the F-15 and rebooted Flight Simulator, then re-installed the aircraft without success.

Has anyone run into this issue? I understand I’m probably missing something somewhere but feel I’ve done due diligence to weed out ‘obvious’ items.

I appreciate any help/feedback. I will reach out to DC Designs if I am unable to resolve the issue (and post a follow-up in here, in case others encounter this down the road).

I just want my F-15 back working the way it used to . . . :crossed_fingers: :pray: :anguished:


DC Designs have communicated on their Facebook page that GOTY/SU7 broke their HUD code (and apparently everybody else’s as well). A fix has already been implemented, and, depending on where you bought the plan, can already be downloaded or will be available soon.

Aaaaaah. I am not a part of Facebook (unrelated reasons). I didn’t see any update listed in the Content Manager either, as of last night, but that’s VERY encouraging to hear. Thank you for your reply. That made my day.

The update was released last night.

If you bought on the in-sim Marketplace, keep checking. The update was just released last night and some people have already been able to install. If you are a PC user and bought through JustFlight, the download has been available for a few days already.


Im not shure if Im right in this category. :thinking:
After installation of SU7 the HUD in the outer view is not available anymore
and also the activation button (General/Camera/Cockpit) is disappeared. :grimacing:

Could anybody help?

Yeah, it was caused by Sim Update 7, you didn’t do anything wrong. Should all be updated and fixed now, other users reporting that everything is working normally again.