DC Designs Paint Kit

I’ve purchased the DC Designs PT-17 Stearman. I would like to feature it in a video with the same paint scheme/livery as a friend of mine. His is a yellow 1943 Kaydet with stars-n-bars. DC Designs/Just Flight web page says there is a “paint kit”, however hours of searching my PC and the web have not revealed where it is and how to use it. Any information/instructions would be greatly appreciated. Am I correct in assuming I can repaint the model with my own scheme? Thanks!

Go to the Stearman folder in the community folder. Then chose documents and stearman.
There are two xcf files, fuselage and wings.
You can open these with for example Gimp to paint.

Are there any video tutorials on how to make minor changes to the livery using this paint kit? A tutorial that includes loading, making color changes, adding a graphic, then putting it back into MSFS?

Can the files be edited with something simpler than GIMP?

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Here’s how I did it with a default airplane in MSFS. The same process should work for the lovely Stearman!