DC3 doubts with Fuel consumption


I have been flying the new DC3 incorporated with the 40-anniversary update.
It is an amazing aircraft. Once you know how to handle it during the take off and its different speeds and configurations.

However, when I configure it for cruise normal performance (30 inches, approx. 2000 RPM, auto lean) the fuel consumption is around 140 GPH, but the documentation around whole internet says it should be approx… 96 GPH.

The only way I can reach that consumption is decreasing the throttle to 20 inches in manifold pressure. (At 6500 ft or 10500 ft altitude is similar).

Is this okay? Is this a bug? I cannot plan a long fly without cheating, because at 20 inches I cannot reach the cruise speed of the performance tables.

Thanks for your time!!! : )

Fuel consumption is one of the common things fixed in the various third party mods that have been released. If you’re on PC you could try that route.

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