Dc6 from pmdg

I have installed pmdg dc6 but as soon as I push flying than it is dark and crashes.
any idea?

Where did you get it from , and are you PC or X-box

pc and bought directly from pmdg

Use the tablet on the left to get set up for flight, don’t start the plane in the air, start it on the ground.

yes agree…and make sure you use the AFE to set the aircraft up correctly

NO DX12 for the DC-6.

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thanks but after the button flying getting a black screen and a crash than it is not possible to start. I will try to set dx12 out.will report back.

yes , dx 12 was the culprit, thank you all for helping.

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Can you mark the post with a solution check mark please so others can benefit from it.

Since DX12 is “beta” is anyone working on this? PMDG? Asobo? MS?

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