DC6 PMDG Steering issue

Mod edit:
the steering and depth controls do not react on the DC6 PMDG se MSFS/PC from my joystick. The steering wheel does not move. Do you have any info?
How do I reach the MSFS marketplace service?

les commandes de direction et profondeur ne réagissent pas sur le DC6 PMDG se MSFS/PC à partir de mon joystick. Le volant ne bouge pas. Avez vous des infos ?
Comment joindre le service FSmarquet de Microsoft ?


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You need to disengage the GUST LOCK. This is a complex bird to fly and I suggest you watch the extensive Youtube tutorials from PMDG themselves.


Also, do the tutorial flights!
There is a lot of learning in those.

Hoping this will be translated by the kind moderator who did the first posting.

This sounds almost cwetainly as though you’ve left the gust lock
k on before taking off.

captains side, down to your right there is a red lever. Lift it up with the mouse and you should now have control.