Dc6 update!

Can we please please please get a rough estimate on when we can expect to see the dc-6 back in the marketplace? I haven’t heard anything new in about 25 to 30 days. I still have my dc6 that I paid $55 for in the marketplace on my series X with a gust lock I can’t disengage, tried with mouse tried with controller tried every way possible can’t disengage the gust lock which is probably one of the main reasons why it was pulled from the series x marketplace. But the plane works on PC just fine so what could possibly take so long to make the dc-6 work properly on Xbox I mean it’s not like you got to build a new plane from scratch everything’s already there you just got to fix it and make it work except this time, test it on Xbox before you put it on the marketplace :laughing:.


Would have the most up-to-date information.

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Please read the forums, and the statement(s) made by PMDG with regard to testing on the X-Box prior to release.

This is not 100% on Asobo/Microsoft, but if blame is to be placed anywhere, the Fickle Finger of Fate is most assuredly swinging in the direction of the Pacific Northwest.

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Does running through the before takeoff checklist by the AFE not disengage the gustlock for you? Could at least fly it that way

Actually I’m tinkering with it right now and I discovered the only way for me to get the Gust lock disengaged is to start my flight airborne. And yes I tried all the things with the AFE. But now even though I got the Gust locked disengaged still nothing works. The only things that really work are the rudder pedals (but the rudder itself doesn’t move), the carburetor heat, the trims, the exterior lights and interior lights, the flaps on the wings go down and up and the tablet itself works but the AFE menu doesn’t really do much, the beacon marker lights I think work and perhaps the propeller pitch lever. But none of the gauges work, the yokes don’t move, the throttle sticks don’t move, I can’t put my supercharger control on high LOL I can’t defrost the windshield, I can’t select an engine or start it (I can press RB and right on the d-pad to start the engines though or do it through the tablet), can’t control the cowl flaps or magnetos and one of the more important things I can’t control is fuel mixture. But I can move the armrests and the third seat lol. Also I can crack the windows open with my controller at the latch but then I have to use the touchpad on my keyboard to slide the window open. And there’s probably a bunch more stuff to list although everything on the ramp manager works which is cool. And it looks like the Garmin GPS nav system works, along with the ADF and the comms on the side of it. The autopilot works but I can’t control it. And there are quite a few more to list but enough is enough already LOL I’m sure pmdg is aware of all these things I’m sure they got a series X test bed lol. I’m going to be sure to check out that link though

Is there a performance update coming to PC for the DC-6? I read a while back that after SU5 the performance gains seen in other aircraft were not applied to the DC-6 and that kept me from buying it. Just wondering if there is an update expected from PMDG to apply the performance gains / fixes to the DC-6 also.

Im wondering the same thing. Although unfortunately it seems it’s up to Asobo to fix the issue as they have disabled a rendering channel for the instruments which is why the FPS is considerably lower in the VC than the exterior view. Some promising news is that during the SU5 beta it’s appeared that when that render channel was activated (for the beta) the FPS in the cockpit was the same as the exterior view. Saw a jump from 25FPS up to 65 FPS, everything worked fine too. Not sure why they have disabled it when they released SU5.

You can reenable it but it’s not supported and may cause issues. Also I believe it has to be done every time you load a flight.

You need to enable devmode then enable “always use NanoVG for XML Gauges” from the devmode menus.

So its definately still officially disabled by default even after all this time?

No idea why it may have been disabled, maybe crashes etc. I’d expect they’d reenable it at some point, maybe SU8? I’d say it’s likely been a low priority for them.

In any case you have a work around use it at your risk though.

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The channel is available again using the DX12 beta.

Unfortunately DX12 is almost guaranteed to crash the DC-6.

The DC6 has the same performance as the default Cessna (and no I currently not running my supercomputer but only a Ryzen Generation 1 with on-board APU and no graphics card).
No “performance upgrade” is needed for the Cloudmaster.

That’s the complete opposite of my experience. The DC-6 runs as good as the default Cessna only if I’m using this trick described in dev mode. It brings my FPS from 32 to 55. And yes, 55 looks infinitely better and smoother than being capped at 30.

That’s because they’re talking nonsense. Performance is noticeably better with the nanovg option.

During SU5 beta when it was enabled I was getting 70fps on the ground, now I get about 30. So no it’s definitely not enabled

With NanoVG enabled I am also able to use the DC-6 in DX12 mode just fine. Without it DX12 crashes immediately when you go to the cockpit at the start of a flight.

I reallllly wish they would at least pull this option out of the Dev Mode and throw it in the Options as an Experimental/Beta feature to toggle since like others have mentioned, you can’t log flights with Dev Mode on.

So far with NanoVG enabled I have yet to have any slowdown or crash unlike when using GDI.

Thanks to the tips in this thread I’ve enabled same option in Dev mode and getting much better in-cockpit performance.

Can anyone explain in fairly simple terms what the option does and why the performance increase? Just curious.

Do you need to keep dev mode enabled for the entire flight? I found it’s rather unstable

I believe so, without dev mode enabled you don’t get the NanoVG channel.

Here we are nearly at the end of February, any new news on the dc6 coming back?