DCS Clouds vs MSFS Clouds

You clearly haven’t seen the prices of DCS modules…

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Probably thinks their “all freebie DLC” weeks are permanent…:rofl:

Yeah I would say MSFS has more veriety and we know MSFS clouds perform pretty well, but you have to be impressed with the DCS clouds. They seem to check all the boxes, volumetric, absorbs environment light, cast shadows on itself and the ground, no pixelation as far as I can see.

I would also add they render high level clouds much better than MSFS and the clouds themselves are more whisply, the transitions to and from clouds seem very smooth, like I said it’s impressive stuff.

We’ve heard very little about the roadmap for MSFS clouds - I suspect they’ve parked it until DirectX 12 comes out but this is a nice reminder not to rest on their laurals especially as they seem to want to keep this technology to themselves.


Yes and I don’t mind paying as they let you use them on free weeks and if you like them you buy. I don’t mind paying for DLC’s that work and so far the DLC’s I have bought have been excellent. I buy and stick for a while and don’t jump around like a lot of people seem to be doing in MSFS. In a combat sim it pays to understand your area of ops.

Welp…I can’t argue that one!:beers:
If Asobo used the same try before you buy on the extra $120 package DLC aircraft they probably know surely no one would want to buy them afterwards!:rofl:

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And you think DLC for MSFS will be cheaper? lol. Study level DLC for MSFS will also be just as expensive, if not more expensive.

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Of course they are going to be expensive, I was just pointing out that paying 120$ dollars for 30 planes is much less than what DCS asks for a single module.

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i enjoy DCS a lot. I have just paid 50EUR (sale) for F-14 and it’s amazing. You cannot have the same experience in MSFS due to engine limtations - no weapon systems, no damage model, limited flight planning, lackluster VR implemetation…
Cons for DCS is the price for scenery - should be free in my opinon, cause it’s not that great. :slight_smile:
But due to my sh*tty connection i play a lot more DCS than MSFS currently.

Beautiful clouds indeed. Hopefully they will make the ugly maps more convincing.


I sure hope folks new to simming don’t think these cheap $12 MSFS sceneries being sold means cheap study level aircraft also…:joy::rofl:
They will surely be in for a world of hurt and heartbreak!


“Wait, this aircraft costs more than the sim?”


Odd comparison.

Because the 30 planes in FS2020 are super shallow out of the box. They share the same avionics for the most part and are depicted incorrectly in many aspects, flight dynamics and system wise. I would glady swap those 30 planes for just 5 well modelled ones.

A top tier DCS study sim like the Hornet will cost just the same for FS2020. Also, DCS is completey FREE to play and offers two aircraft, missions and a campaign along with a powerful editor.

So I think it’s classic apples and oranges here.

Let’s not forget however that we can enjoy boths sims equally. :slight_smile:


DCS is not for everyone. I spent money on the f-18 and f-16 and after a few times flying it I stowed the sim away. Its just too expensive, difficult to learn, every map is paid DLC and its not necessarily user friendly. Some like the combat arena. I personally don’t. If the platform was a little more diverse I would stick with it. Maybe throwing some study level C-130S and C-17s and do cargo drops or maritime patrol. My kind of flying :slight_smile:
As much as new clouds look nice definitely won’t prompt me to go back.

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Wow this is going to be happening , no joke :joy:

That’s a pure gold comment :+1:

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I do like DCS. Just roasting it a bit, where deserved, in my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:


DCS and MSFS are two very different sims. MSFS has the advantage of superior scenery and detailed dynamic weather, as well as the potential to simulate civil aviation in stunning detail. The flight dynamics for such aircraft also has the potential to be extremely good, when the top tier quality payware finally arrives. DCS on the other hand simulates military aviation on a very high level of detail, with advanced combat simulation. There are no real way to compare them. The price of top tier addons for both are expensive, as they are very complex and takes a long time to develop, just wait till you see the price tags on PMDG’s airplanes… DCS can be bought at half price though, if you wait for a sale. Well worth it in my opinion, I have bought pretty much all the modules over time during sale, sure it’s expensive if you buy everything at once, but buying 1-2 modules each sale makes it manageable.

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