DDR4 RAM timings question

That’s probably my start and end point - I assume the process to OC beyond that is taking the thing off autopilot (so to speak) and manually setting voltage, clock speed, etc?

No OC memory on hand, this is a completely new build (older PCs on site). I had read something about all 16GB being dual ranked but after your comment I did more searching and found it isn’t universal. Will see what I can determine for what I plan to buy.

I didn’t do DDR5 based on cost, spent some time researching that and the difference between z690 and z790 boards, decided that money could be better spent.

Not sure what is CJR or DJR, or Gear 1 or Gear 2, off to do some more googling.

The only thing that can affect RAM life is using too high voltage. Anything at or below 1.45v for DDR4 is generally considered safe - some even say 1.5v is fine as well. I highly doubt you need 1.45v at 3600 Mhz, so you’re not really doing yourself any favors by running it at a lower frequency.

Yeah, that post inspired me to OC my RAM, just left Kennedy testing my 3600@3800 OC’ed my CPU more too, just to see @ 5.2ghz

what was your RAM & CPU speed (incl CL) before you OCd it, and what was your framerate before? Looks like 31.9 fps in that screen cap?

CL is just at the RAMs XMP II of 18, I had one hard lock of the game load so I bumped the voltage up 1.35 to 1.365, I did have a cap on at first this flight and NYC is crowded and I would not get much more … I turned it off and am now loitering around Boston.

Edit: Plan is to head back to NYC (and crash I stink at landing the MD-80) just doing a stability over time test flying at only 5k
Edit 2: the frame rate increase is massive, like 2 at least :smiley:

OK so going from ddr4 3600 cl 18 to 3800 cl 18, and CPU going from ??? to 5.2GHz you gained 2 fps… ? Curious your video card & resolution too, if you don’t mind. This is still pointing me at not getting too spun up about OCing RAM.

There’s a little sarcasm in the 2 but not much, if you’re only getting 30FPS gains are going to be in small increments.

The CPU OC was from 5ghz to 5.2 on 9900k, the RAM OC is on sticks I bought in 2020

Resolution 5760x1080 3 screen nV Surround 3080 OC 10gb VGA

Edit: Well that never happens, I landed goodly!