Debug $$ something went wrong see page 423

Hi All
now on my 3rd download
its now stuck on 72.35 gib
in red script across bottom it is saying
“Debug $$ something went wrong see page 423”
Windows update is current
Nvidia drivers have been updated
run from administrator
AMD3900x Evga hybrid RTX2080ti 32gb ram Corsair MP600 ssd with 250gb free
Any help appreciated

I think it would be best if you create a ticket via Zendesk (top of this forum is the link to it).

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Thanks Nancy
I ll give that a go

You just need to disconnect and reconnect to internet and close the app the just open the app again and it should work

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Thanks Onecanine
i ll try that now
when you say close the app do you mean close loading page

End the app with the task manager “End Task”. Then for good measure, restart your PC and then reload the app.

As NegativeNacy said, report that via Zendesk.

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Close the whole app. Reboot to make sure all proceses are closed if you like!

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Thanks all
doing that now

it fired up then back to update/lad screen
Its now saying 3.68 gib so fingers crossed
thank you all for your help
I ll let you know how it goes
Cheers from a very rainy uk

Update…up and running
Many Thanks

Np, we are here to help :slightly_smiling_face:

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