Decal Placement

I have tried searching before posting but I can’t seem to find what i’m looking for. I’m sure it is because I don’t know the right terminology.

I have seen when I add graphics and logos to liveries by just painting them on the texture .png files they are blurry in game no matter how sharp they are in photoshop. Other liveries use decals that are super sharp even when zooming in in game. I have tried to look up the decal system but have found nothing concrete about how it works.

My question is this; Can the decal system be used just by using photoshop or is a 3D painting program needed? If it can be done with photoshop alone are there any resources you can point me to on how it works?

I use Blender & Gimp? Many tutorials out there.

Thanks. I’ll keep looking.

Can you show a photo of the texture in photoshop and the result inside the sim? And also link to a livery that has those sharp decals, just to be sure we’re talking about the same thing.

For mesh decal textures, you’ll need to create a 3d mesh of the decal and unwrap the UV as well as set MSFS material properties in Blender, then use FBW’s merge tool to blend your custom decal with the model file of the aircraft you’re modifying.