Deconstructing MS Flight Simulator File Types

Apparently, the “tutorials” that I found in the sim OFFICIAL package files at \Packages\Official\OneStore\fs-base\messages are some vestigial set of tutorials, perhaps left over from FSX.

The actual tutorials used in the sim lessons I’ve taken so far are to be found at …\AppData\Local\Packages\Official\OneStore\

20200912 Asobo Tutorials

Here’s sample text from the en-US.locPak from the asobo-flight-tutorials-firstnavigationsolo folder:

“LocalisationPackage”: {
“Language”: “en-US”,
“Strings”: {
“FirstNavigationSolo.Arrival”: “Sedona Airport”,
“FirstNavigationSolo.Briefing”: “Demonstrate your mastery of flying techniques and become the pilot in command of your aircraft: <br/>\r\n<br/>\r\n<br/>

  • Draw on all previous training to perform a complete VFR flight without any assistance from the Instructor</li>”,
    “FirstNavigationSolo.Departure”: “Flagstaff-Pulliam Airport”,
    “FirstNavigationSolo.Description”: “First Solo Navigation Training”,
    “FirstNavigationSolo.Dlg_Intro1”: “We’ve come a long way together, haven’t we? And this is when it all pays off.”,
    “FirstNavigationSolo.Dlg_Intro1_MALE”: “Are you ready to go solo on a full VFR flight?”,
    “FirstNavigationSolo.Dlg_Intro2”: “Are you ready for this? You are going solo on a full VFR flight.”,
    “FirstNavigationSolo.Dlg_Intro2_MALE”: “Are you ready to go solo on a full VFR flight?”,
    “FirstNavigationSolo.Dlg_Intro3”: "You’ll be departing Flagstaff-Pulliam Airport, handling every navigational step on your way to Sedona. ",