Decouple FD and AP

Request: Please decouple the FD and AP. Same as in some “real airplanes.” Keep all current functionality in both FD and AP. Then we can disengage the FD, use all the AP functions alone without the “automatic” FD inputs (I.e. roll and pitch).

Yes. One of the many pieces of functionality that are missing.

Do you have an example of a plane that works this way in the real world?

Are any of the aircraft in the Sim modeled incorrectly? If so can you provide some details?
(with regards to the autopilot only)

@SiderealOcean33, just to double check, I think on that last part you meant “Then we can disengage the AP, use all the FD functions alone without the “automatic” AP inputs (I.e. roll and pitch)?

As @JuiceBox7535 mentioned. This request is most likely a mixup as it wouldn’t make any sense.

The main problem that most (all?) FD equipped MSFS aircraft have, is that the selected modes remain active with the FDs switched off.
If you switch off the FDs, all modes should disappear. No FD = no modes on the FMA.
Filed a bug report about this a while ago.


Agree - Apologies for missing the bug filing. Will wait to see what happens. FD and AP should operate independently.

Hi there,
I think this pre-existing Wishlist topic covers what you’re asking for, right?

Maybe it does. My request is to allow the pilot to operate the FD and AP independently - i.e. one or the other.

I’m not sure what you are asking for. Flight director should work without AP, AP shouldn’t work without FD.