Decrease Highway Vehicle Lights (Red & White) During Night Time (Nonpeak Hours)

Just something that I have noticed while flying at night from 20:00 hrs. onward, there are a lot of vehicle traffic lights on the highways during non rush hour times. My suggestion would be to reduce the visible red and white lights between 22:00 hrs. to 06:00 hrs. for example and make the roads below look more realistic.

Just a thought.


I think they could use the world night map to overlay it over the street layer only for analysis, then based on light intensity give them more or less traffic and add street lamps and light effects in red and white/yellow

Bing Maps has traffic data in some places. Ideally, they would use that for actual traffic data, and where they don’t have data, maybe they could do something like the above suggestion.


Interesting, thanks for the replies!

I’m not seeing lights on vehicles at all from the air at night. Is this something that has changed? I see this post is from Oct. 2020.