Dedicated Windows Install for MSFS

I have a dedicated install of windows for MSFS (and some other games) along with an install for everything else on a separate drive (although it could be a separate partition). I only have once license of Windows 10 that is “Windows is activated with a digital license linked to your Microsoft account”. I got this license as a free upgrade from Windows 7.

I believe this is a significant factor for me in having a stable MSFS install as there there is a minimum of other software or services installed that could conflict with MSFS.

R3600X, RTX2600S, 32GB, 512GB NVMe & 256GB SATA SSD.

I don’t know of any problems with FS2020 and other software being
installed with or without it.

One issue is the amount of SDRAM (memory) that you have and the number of additional programs you will run with it.

Another is to have FS2020 installed on the fastest drive that you can.

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MSFS is very stable in general, i really dont see the point to go as far as a separate windows install.

I have tons of payware 3rd party airports all installed at the same time, flying the crj, have vpilot running for vatsim, have running for my panels and external hardware, i have navigraph reacker running to have my position on the charts on the i pad, theres monitoring software running (HWINFO/RTSS), Ghub, pushback helper, SimToolkitPro, etc…

Never had an issue or crash, and my sim runs smoth as silk.

Compared to all the random crashes i had with all the P3D version, MSFS is absolutely stable and reliable in every situation. Really, i had no single crash in all my flights.

And all that with a highly overclocked cpu and gpu.
Having a clean and stable system and atleast a basic knowledge why some issues can occur and how to avoid or troubleshoot them is necessary. And exactly that is what 90% of the users with CTDs and other problems are lacking.

Good for you.

I unluckily had a hard drive failure.
Another time a mother board.
One time a memory stick.

And, I’ve had to clean install Windows a few times.

I hope you don’t. But a PC is much more than one application.
And when fate strikes, it remains to be seen how much is required to correct
the failure.

You did not mention the most important item.

Backup, backup, backup.

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Yeah, i get your point, definitely a good idea, but definitely not practical for many. :slight_smile:

I keep my system very, very clean, updated, organised and monitor my hardware regularly to see if all is well. Thats the key to keep issues away.
Fortunately, i always was lucky and never had to experience a hardwarefail.
I can imagine, losing a drive is a nightmare, hope all goes better now! :slight_smile: