Default a320 neo - issues compilation

There’s a few post regarding some of these bugs though I wanted to make a list to be sure there aren’t at least some workaround or some sort of official statements

  • constraints (bug logged) no contraints or completely messed up (fl260 at approaches waypoints or completely missing)

  • climb issues (bug logged) the a320 can’t even get near to the climb performance it should have

  • ap banking left or right when engaged (don’t think it’s bug logged) when first engaged the ap hard bank to the left or right and then get back to course

as stated by a forum moderator (if i can recall right) few days ago there’s no intention to “upgrade” the default neo to be a more complex plane though a fix is more than necessary for xbox folks

since the constraints bug is also shared by other planes (cj4 for sure and i think also the 747) it’s further limiting the willing to pick a non nxi plane on xbox and it’s very frustrating

I don’t know or can’t imagine if it’s a “lot of work” kind of fixes but would be nice to know if it’s something we can expect or not (also considering that liveries are coming out for the a320 and spending money on a forever broken plane might be not ideal for some)


I have issues on decent with the V/S. 5,000-6,000 feet per minute. Not sure why. It is fixed if I use selected speed instead of managed speed.

Im on PC so i use the FBW version of the A320…I also fly the default 787 Dreamliner since iv just got my new TCA Boeing yoke and this plane is a complete mess too

The banking left then right, or vice-versa to pick up the programmed AP route has been an issue for me right back to version 5.1, whenever that was.

Fingers crossed SU8 is meant to be bug fixes only so hopfully they will give the default planes a bit more love that they really do need


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