Default A320neo altitude error in autopilot

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Correct autopilot altitude, correct qnh result 300ft above the desired altitude, randomly append on the same route one flight is ok, next one wrong

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Simpli insert altitude in autopilot and apply

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Yesterday for no apparent reason default a320 start randomly to stop follow correct auto pilot setting. Correct qnh, correct autopilot altitude, correct engine trust, autopilot set the altitude stop climb 300ft over designed one. For example I put fl300 in auto pilot, FL change or v/s mode, aircraft start climbing, correct qnh. In PFD I see the blue indicator set to 30000 ft but autopilot continue climb to 30300 so ATC constantly said I’m 300ft above. I must set FL to 297 to stay at 300. This append randomly. One fly is ok, one not. Everything is setting right. When append I found that turn off SEC 1 resolve the problem because when I engaging autopilot again, is now ok.

Hi @stefanozab , I moved your topic to the User Support Hub Aircraft & Systems that is more appropriate to receive support from other users. Hopefully some will be able to provide guidance around that issue. If it is a proven bug that can be replicated we can always move back your report to the bug section.

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Just to make sure, the correct QNH at FLs is always 1013.2 / 29.92.

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every value of qnh i apply autopilot ignore it and stay at 300ft above

When this happens to me I just press “B” on the keyboard and the plane goes up or down to reach the right alt.

The altimeter is already set correctly and press b doing nothing :frowning:

I don’t see this problem following your procedure. Is there anything you are leaving out?

No, I simply had the problem from yesterday. Everything the same

Probably a conflict in your install somewhere

Could you start in safe mode and test again ?

FYI, it shouldn’t do that either. IRL the autopilot uses the QNH you have set.
E.g. if you set 30000ft in the altitude window, the AP should fly at 30000ft, regardless of set QNH.

Same problem in safe mode. I also find that the plane share airbus system also had problems. For example Latin vfr product now had same issue

Well,from what I’ve understood at FL300 you have the standard 29.92 and this shouldn’t cause the problem highlighted by the OP. However if you are at,let’s say,
at 5000fts climbing to 10000fts in accordance to the Atc request, you should also update the qnh when the Atc tell you about this change.If you forget to do that (it happens to me sometime) you reach 10000fts but these are not real…after a few minutes the Atc urge you to reach the right alt. Then I realize that I didn’t update the pressure communicated by he Atc so I press “B” and update the pressure…the plane moves up or down and reach the correct alt making the Atc happy.I press “B” because sometimes is difficult to read all the ATC messages back and retrace the ones with the pressure data.Doing this way works for me.The OP might have a different problem.

no, the problem is that at any altitude, qnh, with or without atc ifr vfr everithing the autopilot go wrong so press b shortcut for correct setting altitude here doesnt work

I don’t know how ATC in MSFS handles this, but IRL ATC doesn’t issue a QNH during climb. It’s your responsibility to set standard QNH when climbing through the transition level.

Good to know,thanks. I have no IRL piloting experience so I can only rely on the “simulations” offered by the sim and try to comply with the sim Atc requests to mock the IRL flying …LOL

Stupid question, the a320 avionics is server dependent?

This bug is not about ATC. It’s totally irrelevant what QNH you set. If you ask the autopilot to bring you to 20000 ft it should bring you to 20000 ft (on the PFD), not 20300 ft. What your actual physical altitude is (which one?) is beyond the point.