Default Aircraft Livery Flashing or Missing

Default Aircraft World Travel Livery Flashing.

With the default Airbus A320 livery for blue World Travel airline. The World Travel writing on the top front fuselage flickers a lot and occasionally disappears. Appears to happen on both sides. This happens even in the hanger. I have uninstalled the livery and reinstalled via the content manager but the flickering continues. As far as I have seen the flickering issue is only with this livery. I have not noticed any flickering with any default livery or community livery I use.

Using the Steam MSFS version on a pc. This is a default livery. Believe it started before update 7.

Has anybody else had this issue and found a fix?

Image of World Travel livery for default Airbus a320 Neo.

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System Information in case it helps.

Screenshot 2022-01-29 092346 (2)

Are your GPU drivers up to date?

Yes all my gpu drivers are uptodate.

As far as I have seen the flickering is only an issue with this particular ‘world travel’ livery.

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Update: Test Flights Jan 29 2022.

  1. Did a short test flight with the World Travel default livery starting at runway threshold engines running ready for take off. The World Travel titles in full view with no flickering. Stayed that way throughout the flight.

  2. After flight went to hanger and in the hanger the World Travel title were completely missing.

  3. Started a flight on a ramp with engines cold and the World Travel title completely missing.

  4. Exited msfs and did a complete pc shutdown and then restart.

  5. Started a flight on a ramp with engines cold and the World Travel title completely missing again.

  6. Loaded a second flight at the runway threshold with engines hot and ready for take off. World Travel titles were visible and solid with no flickering.

Note: World Travel titles are visible or absent from both sides of the fuselage.

Solid World Travel titles on test flight that started on threshold with engines running:

World Travel titles missing when started on ramp with engines cold.

I know this is a minor issue and not really important. I am pursuing in case it is related to other issues that I have been experiencing. Otherwise its one of those weird msfs glitches.

You can find my discussion of those issues here

Warning Notice Screen on Start Up Remains


This could be related to your package issue as well.

Quick update on ‘World Travel’ a320neo livery.

The issue has continued with no lettering in the hanger, sometimes no lettering in game and the letters flickering has continued. There is no issue with the B747-8i World Travel livery and I have seen other people flying the B747 with this livery in game with no issues. I have yet to see other a320s flying in game with the World Travel livery.

As far as I am aware this is the only livery I have both default and d/l from flightsim that has this issue.

Note: The ‘warning notice’ issue has been resolved but has not affected this issue.

Update on default World Travel a320new livery.

Saw a World Travel a320neo at Sydney YSSY with a human pilot. Followed with the drone and as I got closer the words were flickering and occasionally disappeared. Couldn’t keep up as the pilot was doing a steep takeoff climb.