Default airport, added lights not illuminating at night

I searched the forums but couldn’t see a post relating to this exact issue.

Anyway for one of my add-on I have been adding lighting to airports that are missing it.
I have an issue as today, working on KDEN Denver International Airport there are floodlights already in place on the gates, but non of them light up at night.
I can’t really add more lights on top cos it will look ridiculous.

Is there any word from the devs that they will fix this?
Or does anyone know any easy way to remove those lights, without rebuilding the whole airport?


I have moved your post into the SDK area.

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No worries wasn’t sure of the best place for the post.

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My solution to illuminating the terminal buildings was to add separate lights from the OBJECTS/ SCENERY library. I just strategically placed these lights to mimic airport lights or spotlights on hangars ( by unchecking snap to Ground, in the properties for each light, and moving them in 3d space, including merging them right into a building, or elevating them so it seems they are on the wall or from the building roofs. Crude solution, but did not know what else to do.

(Working on Chicago midway, KMDW)

I see what you are saying and have done it for other airports the issue is the airports where the lights are already in place don’t illuminate so would looks silly if I add even more floodlights to the terminals.