Default Airports Gate/Ramp flood lights

One thing I’m missing more for night flights on default airports is some kind of illumination for the ramp/gate stands.

While we wait for an airport gateway, I think a basic implementation of this feature could help a lot for night ops.

This is what I mean with flood lights, just in case someone has any doubt


Hi, don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but airports are missing lights at the gate or at the main terminal building which makes it hard to see during the night time. Sure you will find some lights at the airport but they are usually at the edges of the airport or in places that make no sense. This won’t do if you are flying on vatsim during the night time. Hopefully, this gets fixed

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Yep indeed this is the case with the non-handcrafted airports. A couple of posts have been made about this. I was irritated enough that I started adding night lighting to airports I go to recurrently with the SDK. I might post them when I get around to finishing a few more (only have KLAS done so far).

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Same here I think the default airports don’t have them? Maybe it will be implemented in the future.

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I hope this is improved. Upvote the following threads below regarding this issue:


Dont know if any one has mention this but it would be great if airports have some sort of lighting (flood lights) so you can see your plane and where you going.

Moderator has screwed up here.

This topic was raised nearly 3 weeks ago.

please refer to this post and vote.

Raise a ticket with Zendesk as well.

I’m going to link this, to gain some visibility

I find estrange more people don’t find this annoying. The night flights are almost imposible, I can’t taxi to any parking without any single light that illuminates the ramp. And the taxi lights doesn’t help.

Absolutely! Default airports at night, after landing, are basically useless. And yes, taxi lights (and landing lights for that matter) are useless as well. I can´t believe no more votes have been casted to this request.

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Please vote on the thread above which has been around for weeks.

Actually, the one with more visibility is this one

But no words from devs yet AFAIK

Whatever. Asobo won’t fix it.

Sadly doesn’t look like a priority for Asobo.

I sometimes wonder just what IS a priority for Asobo.

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It’s so noticeable when lights are present… the sim looks like a new gen one at night with them.

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My idea is to add a floodlight object to every parking spot so that in can easily apply to all AI-generated airports as the parking spot objects are pretty much standardised across all of it without updating them one by one.

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