Default Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner serious problem

If I install it will it fix the problem temporarily until Asobo comes with a hot fix? is this the same thing? GitHub - Heavy-Division/B78XH at WTFPMMEPOC

P.S. Tried it but again it doesn’t work. PLEASE ASOBO give us a quick Fix.

boing 787 dreamliner


Yes it’s the same thing. What I did was manually set the CG to 35 in the payload manager and it solved it for me.
I was on 160k lbs of fuel

Did you set the CG to 35 on the Heavy division or on the default 787?

I set it using the payload manager in the FMS when using the Heavy Division mod

OK but you know, I paid $120 for the Premium Deluxe version so as to get the 787 Dreamliner, and now I have to download a modified version so I can fly? Does not make sense to me. I must say though that the 787 was flying and landing OK before the latest sim update. So my feeling is that Microsoft must fix this problem ASAP.

Unless someone made this an votable thread nobody will take notice and absolutely nobody will do anything.

The predation of a lament at speakers corner will effect absolutely the same.

Sadly only the highest voted issues will be addressed. Stupid system.


That’s incorrect and I’m sure that we don’t need to upvote the 787 bouncing problem for Asobo to fix it.

Your words in Jörgs ears. I always like to be surprized but the last 9 months tell me a different story.

Exactly. This plane has been a waste of disk space since day 1. For me the worst of all default planes by far.
When they released the list of planes for each version, I saw the 787 and thought “wow!” then I noticed the -10 and I said ah okay got it, don’t expect anything here.
For those unfamiliar with the 787 series, the -10 has special handling characteristics due to the extended fuselage.

That’s interesting. In which way special?

I bought the premium edition for the same reason.i hope asobo will fix this the meanwhile I propose to you to use the 747 as an alternative solution .I didn’t have the same problem with it.

Yes but you know there are also some minor problems with the Fuel pump lights. Does your light show if they are ON or OFF? Mine they don’t show.

Sigh, I’ve totally forgotten about the fuel pump lights issue. Still not fixed either. :frowning:

Additionally the ground effect bug makes the 747 more difficult to land than IRL either.

In 1:05:04 Jorg just talked about this thread and issue:

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I frankly missed this short statement, thank you for pointing me to it.

Lets hope that lots of meetings and effort will cause lots of results.

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Well he did not say anything about a fix for this particular problem.

Making the premium deluxe plane better and more realistic is one thing, fixing this current bouncing nosewheel issue is another, this hilarious bug, made so much worse (if existed since day 1 in a milder form) after the update need to be fix right away, it cant be use at the moment. And we shdnt have to wait for weeks or months till the next sim update!

He said they have a team doing meetings and working on how to solve the issues with the deluxe edition planes and that they can assure us they will not abandon them.
I feel the basic programming of the plane has tons of issues, that is why every update the 787 and 747 break, they will probably have to remake all the systems from scratch or outsource it to a 3rd party.

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OK so this will probably take months to make a new model, in the meantime they can revert to the model as it was before the update. A quick fix for this will do until they built another model.