Default glider towing in multiplayer


The gotfriends Discus 2c glider addon allows a multiplayer pilot to fly the towplane.

Can this be implemented for the default gliders as well?

It would be great to have a towplane pilot at a glider port with multiple different gliders towing those aloft.

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I think Asobo mentioned this is on their to-do already, let’s hope there’s enough interest from the gliding community to make this a priority :slight_smile:


Yes Jorg like confirmed it is planned in the lat dev Q&A. We all wait for it esp with Wilga on the horizon, but even more important for gliding are all the realism fixes to the thermal model (ground thermals should cause Cu clouds, not be two unrelated mechanics!) - without it, as a RL glider pilot I enjoy flying helicopters more in MSFS and that says a lot :wink:

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