Default planes - frustrating AP issues

Yesterday and today I took the time to study the latest version of FS2020 and really got to grips with the systems. In Prepar3D and FSX I flew around fully automatic and including CAT3 approaches and mastered the systems blind. Not so in FS2020 and slowly the enthusiasm gives way to frustration.

In order to understand the system behind everything, I am not yet flying airliners and am trying to get to know the autopilot functions with the Daher TBM 930 and Cessna 208.

However, a lot of things don’t seem to work and I’m starting to feel like a complete idiot.

Basically, I have the following problems:
-Aircraft does not fly the created flight plan in NAV1 mode and flies far off route.
-ILS approaches are not triggered and flown off
-Various problems with the climbs and descents.
-Therefore TBM I only have GPS, VOR1, and VOR2. FMS untraceable and not available!

I have no idea what I am doing wrong and why I am suddenly a complete beginner again with the FS2020.

I would be really happy and grateful if I could get some help on these issues. I am using the latest version of FS2020.

After 7h of unsuccessful attempts, I have now frustratedly stored my HOTAS system in the drawer.

You might want to start with a simple scenario and step down to a C172 G1000 for now. It’s easy enough to step back up to the G3000 when time comes. There also seems to be a current issue with the G3000 following FMS, so that might be related to some of your troubles.

Pick two airports not too far from each other and accept the low-level IFR routing between them. Make sure that the Destination Airport has selectable Precision Approaches in the drop down menu in Flight Planner. (Navblue FMS database can be woefully incomplete - more on that below).

The good news is ATC does give you enough time to get to the published crossing altitude for the various fixes on the Approach. At about 5 miles to go, switch to APR or if you’re a stickler for procedure, wait until you pass the FAF. ILS should be very reliable, I’ve never had it not switch to LOC1, but, you’ll want to cross check the ILS frequency with a current approach plate. I have been caught off-guard where the sim auto-tunes the NAV frequency and it’s totally wrong (Navblue strikes again).

Climbs and descents - not sure what’s going on there, that needs more clarification. If it’s performance related, there are various free Modifications to change the performance envelopes and behaviors, but for simplification sake, I strongly suggest just sticking to the default performance model of the plane until you get more comfortable in this sim.

ILS for the most part is accurate. RNAV can and sometimes will underrate the glideslope, so cross check as soon as you can with the VASI/PAPI if visible, you may want to disconnect above MDA if you’re getting drawn down lower than calculated.

The G1000 in stock form works well enough. There will be complications when it tries to generate some SID/STAR routing using Navblue (in-the-box) FMS data. Weird turns, segments, etc.

Get used to that for a couple of flights. Feel free to turn up the complication by moving to a more intense airspace over time. You’ll quickly learn the quirks and limits of IFR in this sim as of today.

When you get sick of it, two things that will help immensely - 1.) Working Title Garmin Nav Unit modifications (easily installed/uninstalled and they’re free) - feel free to search for them in the board. 2.) Improved FMS data (by leaps and bounds) using a paid Navigraph subscription. Since they’re based on Jeppensen, you’ll find anything that you were missing in the default Navblue is restored in Navigraph.

I don’t represent either group, I am a mostly satisfied user/customer. I just flew four hops today, all IAPs using Working Title G1000 and Navigraph, and they all worked as expected.

So I just confirmed on an IFR flight, haven’t even arrived at my first fix and AP disconnected uncommanded twice. And I’m using the improved Working Title G3000, so there is something definitely on about this Nav Unit on the TBM. I would pick another plane, preferably a G1000 unit for your familiarization flights.

thanks for your information and tips and I will i give a try. I often have the situation that when a flight plan is defined and loaded, i don’t see the path in the mfd on my map. When I’m starting with a sid procedurethe tbm doesn follow the patch as loaded and active. by example, I’m from Zurich LSZH, when starting on rwy 16 the plane follows a fixed course in nav mode of 169 and doesn’t catch the next waypoint as it should. Even I don’t have FMS available only GPS. Any Idea why this issues happen?

Sometime it works in general most of time not. That’s also the reason why I spend sice month the time with FS2020. Is it really so buggy that an accurate instrumental flight is not possible?

As I mentioned, I had four good IFR flights today minus the TBM experiment. Navigraph really makes a difference in the experience from.planning to flight.