Default Sim Rate Key not working?

Is anyone SIM RATE Key “r” working?
Mine doesnt do anything when pressed

Thank you

Does not work here.

To make Sim Rate work you have bind the Sim Rate Increase and Decrease keys in controls.

Sim rate: r
Increase: +
Decrease: -

You click “R” then “+” or “-“

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Exactly the same as P3D. Although I prefer the XP alt-tab function. :blush:

I did that press “r” then + and - on numpad , doesnt work , there no indication to show that you are in Sim Rate .

It just worked for me, maybe you should try other keybinds. I wish they had an indictator. Had sim rate left on 2x by accident and didn’t know why it was so hard to land :joy:

Found out the Numpad + and Numpad - was bind to a CTRL KEY
so to actually accelerate time just press CTRL +, decelerate CTRL -


Crazy, all we need is a number somewhere. 2x, 3x, and so on.

If you check in the complete keybindings there’s also specific binds for “sim speed increase” and “decrease” so you can bind those to specific keys too.