Default vr pilot position

Hi community looking for some help.

Just built a new rig, 7950x and 4090. In short it means airliners in VR with high settings is possible.

Seating position in pmdg, inibuilds, fbw aswell as all default airliners is perfect, however on the fenix when i load in, my head is literally in the overhead panel.

Is there any way i can change seating position in the fenix, thats saves so when i recenter VR view, it goes back to it? Or is this somethimg that is not possible and been requested

G2 is my headset of choice if that makes any difference

Kind regards

My preferred method is to manually edit the pilot camera position in the camera.cfg file.
Change the values for the entry InitialXyz= 0.0, -0.03, 0.2 for the PilotVR camera definition. Note if there is not a PilotVR camera definition you can change the values for Pilot instead.

x = left and right (more positive is more to the right.
y = up and down (more positive is up)
z = forwards and backwards (more positive is more forward)

The camera.cfg file can be found in the following sub-folder in your community folder and opened with notepad for editing…


Obviously you will need to find the appropriate aircraft folder for the Fenix or other aircraft you may want to alter. I keep a copy of the new position for each aircraft I do this for so when the aircraft is updated I can quickly edit the file and restore the position I prefer.


Thanks for your method i shall give it a try. Can you edit the cfg whilst its live or is it a case of keep loading the aircraft?

Unfortunately, you do need to reload the aircraft, however if you switch to dev mode you can reload the aircraft whilst in the sim environment. I rarely use dev mode and to be honest I dont have the sim running right now to find the specific option.

It can be a bit of trial and error with the adjustments you make. Initially I would suggest to change only one x, y or z value until you are comfortable with what is changing and by how much. a change of 0.1 will make a difference and is a good amount to start with, once you get a feel for how much the view moves you will be able to fine tune to your liking.
Also keep a copy of the original camera.cfg on your desktop in case you get a little lost with the numbers. :slight_smile:

Perfect thanks once again for the reply. Its just the height im not happy with, so will jist bribg that axis down by 0.1 everytime until i get a position that suits.

Much appreciated unfortunately wont be able to get on for a day or 2, but will be sure to let you know how i get on

Kind regards

No worries. I know you can set up user camera views but personally I just prefer to edit the file and done with. You can fine tune the position in smaller increments by adjusting the 0.0x or 0.00x numbers, but to be honest I have usually got a satisfactory result by just changing 0.xx
Hope this gets you sorted.

My other top tip for flying in VR is to get VoiceAttack if you do not already use it. It basically allows you to create (user defined) voice commands to replicate you having pressed keys or key combinations on your keyboard. I find this very useful particularly for sim based functions like toggling VR, resetting the centre position etc. I also use it crudely to interact with ATC. Worth a look if you have not tried it - there is a trial version which is limited to 20 commands - enough to give you an idea.