Definitive Payware/Freeware Add-On Map

Although this thread is now locked you can still PM me with any link suggestions for sites with maps or scenery that needs to be added to mine.

Here are the maps of MSFS add-ons that currently exist, to my knowledge:

I might include these later but for now I’m aiming to create a map for everything else, because seeing where things are in relation to where I am looking to fly is the easiest means for me to decide where I want to go and what would be interesting to see along the way.


Change Log (last 5 updates) - Last Update 8/28/22

New Airports
β€” LSMC
β€” KPNS
β€” SJRG
β€” W27
β€” TXKF
β€” KPVD
β€” SKFL
β€” DTTA
β€” SAZS
β€” LEMH
β€” EDXO
β€” PAYA
β€” SKCL
β€” LIRZ
β€” LFPL
β€” VTBS
β€” YPAD
β€” YSHT
β€” YCFS
β€” YSBK
New Cities
β€” Cairns
β€” Townsville
New Landmarks
β€” Kassel Sewage Plant
New Packages
β€” Africa General Aviation Traffic
β€” USA General Aviation Traffic
β€” Night 3D Denmark Norway

New Airports
β€” SCPQ
β€” RJBE
β€” LKTB
β€” 2NC0
β€” HESH
β€” MYNN
β€” OPKC
β€” SKVP
β€” ZSPD
β€” SCVD
β€” VHHH
β€” KLAX
β€” LIBD
β€” KMOB
β€” CYEG
β€” WMKI
β€” PASI
New Cities
β€” Glasgow
New Landmarks
β€” Castle Ruin Grebenstein
New Landscape
β€” Night 3D Germany
β€” Night3D USA Midwest
New Packages
β€” Traffic In Sight - Southeast USA

New Airports
β€” RJFK
β€” FAGG
β€” LCPH
β€” KBHM
β€” KSMO
β€” SKRH
β€” KMYR
β€” KABQ
β€” KSAT
β€” KROA
β€” LGKR
β€” SKSM
New Cities
β€” Naples
β€” Helsinki
β€” Mumbai
β€” Edinburgh
β€” Liverpool
β€” Manchester
New Landscape
β€” Canada Birds
β€” Night3D Italy
β€” Night3D USA South
β€” Night3D USA North East
β€” Night3D Japan
β€” Night3D British Isles
β€” Night3D Canada
β€” Night 3D France
β€” Night3D Pacific
β€” Night3D USA West
New Packages
β€” RCS 12 Fishing Holes and Lodges
β€” Free Flight Traffic Global

New Airports
β€” EIOD
β€” PHNL
β€” YKSC
β€” LSZI
β€” LIRN
β€” LIMP
β€” KBOI
β€” 58CA
β€” S68
β€” LESO
β€” EGTE
β€” EGCN
β€” KRIC
β€” GCTS
β€” GCXO
β€” KFLG
β€” LEBG
β€” LFBZ
New Landscape
β€” Australia/New Zealand Birds
β€” Europe Birds
β€” USA Birds
β€” FS Birds - Europe East
New Packages
β€” USA Lighthouses Vol. 1

New Airports
β€” SKCL
β€” LFQQ
β€” LFRN
β€” LFOB
β€” LFMP
β€” LFLB
β€” SCAR
β€” TTCP
β€” LIPK
β€” LICG
β€” LICD
β€” LICJ
β€” KAOO
β€” KBGR
β€” KBIL
β€” KDLH
β€” KGON
β€” KGSO
β€” KHYA
β€” EPKT
New Cities
β€” Lyon
β€” Montevideo
β€” Nice
β€” Cannes
β€” Monaco
New Packages
β€” Paris Heliports And Helipads
β€” Free Flight Traffic USA
β€” Free Flight Traffic Spain/Portugal

Additional Info:

  • Packages contain objects and/or airports and/or general scenery enhancements that cover a large area of which there are either too many to map or not enough information provided to map them all. The package icons are placed in the general area, ideally as central as possible between all the contents of the package
  • The contents of packages (airports, landmarks, etc) are also individually mapped if spread out over a large enough area and if the package info contains the details required for me to map them (names, locations, etc)
  • All markers can have more than one download/product included, check them carefully to distinguish between multiple options
  • Green airport icons means a non-hard surface (turf, tundra, dirt, crushed rock, etc or even unknown) field
  • Jet airport icons means runway >1 mi
  • Plane airport icons (black) means runway <1 mi
  • Plane airport icons (red) means runway <0.5 mi
  • Plane airport icons (blue) means water runway only
  • Cities are marked for anything that has to do with them in general - landmark packs, illuminations, photogrammetry, etc

Independent Add-on Sites Mapped:

Send me links to any additional developers/hosts not mentioned above. All map entries will be cross-checked with the map since many freeware developers upload to more than one site

Payware is being added via and cross-checked against the Marketplace & All developers with their own websites are being checked for self-hosted freeware offerings as well as upcoming projects to monitor

Since most airports become available ahead of the MSFS Marketplace I have only not included on my map the airports listed in the Marketplace as of the start of March when v2.0 released. Moving forward I will be adding airports to my map when they are released even if I know they will be available on the Marketplace later, and not removing them.

I will continue to maintain it moving forward as long as I am flying in MSFS. Anything under development I will also include so it can be tracked


MS/Asobo do not recommend the use of Google Maps with the sim
Problems with it, or uses of it, are not permitted to be discussed in this forum.

He’s talking about his MSFS Scenery map which shows which locations are covered by which freeware mods. Not the map replacement mod who no one talks about but most use.


Google maps not working on a Microsoft site. Are you really surprised? lol


If it’s made in Google, I would suspect it doesn’t matter.

there’s this reddit map if it can help

r/FS2020Creation Scenery Map - Google My Maps

I’ve been doing something like this for personal use in the MCA Addon (VFR map) program. I’ve taken the key MSFS POIs and my installed airports for VFR flying and sightseeing. Then add that as a KML layer.

I also did some work with data from the link below for payware airports (bc I was really annoyed at all the places to buy addons). But that was a few months ago. I’m happy to send you whatever I have. Everything I do is ICAO based or city/landmark based.

Let me know. And good luck!

you’re right but not in the way you think

Mostly just links to mods that are hosted on since they’re partnered with that reddit but I’ll trove it anyways since I don’t think all of them are hosted on Thanks

Holy moly I never appreciated the scale of products already out for MSFS until now. Will work through this as well thanks


Please submit more independent addon sites! I’m working through commercial add ons now but would like to focus on developers who are not on the Marketplace or any of the usual publishers (aerosoft, simmarket, etc)

the map is complete! Well, to the extent that I have placed everything from all the sites listed above. Still looking for any additional independent addon sites anyone may know of. 1,526 things in total!!

You still have to look over 8 different product maps, not including mine, to see everything available for MSFS so we will see how much I like to do that when figuring out new destinations to travel to. I might just end up throwing in everything else from those maps into mine, but for now I will keep them separate

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this site have over 100 airports in Quebec province, Canada. Most are ported from the older site for FSX and Prepar3D. QuΓ©bec FSXX - FS2020 - MSFS


Thanks I added their map link to the OP

There is a Japanese developer creating some sceneries that are not in

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bumping so thread doesn’t close. Can I still edit OP if thread closes? I also really think this should be pinned…

Big update, expanded the new airport packages I added so you can see where each airport in the package is - I will do this as long as the developer provides this information in their product description.

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Just a reminder to anyone who sees this I’m still looking for any independent developer websites! If you know of any place that publishes their own stuff (not in a commercial marketplace, MSFS marketplace or and other download sites) let me know so I can keep track of what they produce!

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Great piece of work! Thank you!

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