Déjà vu

I spend all saturday trying to fix graphical problems that were introduced with the last few patches. Each step forward also brings one step back. As has been said numerous times already the graphics are going downhill every two weeks.

Today I went so far to edit config files… And suddenly it felt like I was dealing with FSX again. Déjà vu. I spend years editing configs and a few years ago I decided to not do that anymore. I stopped editing cfg’s with P3D and never did something like that with AFS2. I expected MSFS to be completely ‘editing free’ but things have gotten so bad that I spend all saturday doing what I never wanted to do again…

Just now I decided to stop doing this. I will even revert all my edits. I want Asobo to fix the sim. It’s not my job to do so and not my goal either. I simply want to fly. I rather fly with bad default graphics that with edited ones that look just as bad anyway.

Maybe this means I won’t be flying the sim at all for a while until Asobo fixes things. Maybe I will learn to ignore what’s wrong. I don’t know. But what I do know after one day of testing and trying is that I don’t want to have this déjà vu anymore. Never again. I will take it or leave it. I want to fly, not fix things.

I still have high hopes for MSFS and I don’t want to get fed up with it all due to all this testing and trying. Sometimes it’s best to take some time off. But tweaking and testing…? Never again. I hate déjà vu’s.

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